FIFA 17 Gameplay Features – Set Piece Rewrite – James Rodriguez

One of the best strikers of a dead ball in the world, James Rodríguez personifies the freedom of FIFA 17’s Set Piece Rewrite featuring Free Kicks, Penalties, Throw-Ins, and Corners. Vote for James and show your support on social media using #FIFA17JAMES.

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FIFA 17 is available globally from September 29 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Georgios Tsiapos says:


Jaiden Nyarko says:

Is this thing going to be on xbox 360 and Ps3 twats

ASSASSIN L 7 says:


xooperz says:

I’m just wishing you could choose which foot do you take the set-piece with if a player has 5* WF. Or maybe even 4* WF but he just take the set-piece a bit worse…

WorldFootball says:

this looks like pes…

daniel bohorquez says:

james rodriguez in fifa 17

Brix says:

Where is the defender on the goalline at their freekicks ???

Nazgull123 says:

Sounds like the goalies are in for a rough ride this game.

Ivan Suarez says:


Todomoon8 FC says:

Now I know how to
Make elshawarry

FaisalGamer5926 says:

Wow. Just Wow.

Kibeleczek 0 says:

Przez chwile myślałem ze piłka z ekstraklasyXD

Herlann Hernándezz says:

I’d like to see the rain falling more heavily

Jose Guevara says:

juego más malo el FIFA 17 es una porquería jugar este juego ea siempre hace lo mismo año tras año la misma Mierda de juego

Murry Yakub says:

I was falling a sleep playing FIFA 16 and enjoying FIFA 15

hugo juarez says:

It will be an especific button to change the position or how it would be?

Keninho Play says:

Tirando X lixo one o trailer está otimo


when are you bringing the target system back from Fifa 03? The one where you could move the target to any position on the goal at a FK and guarantee a goal nearly every time?

Berni03 ViiDEOS says:

please answer

dbr says:

So stuff that was already in PES? At least they’re improving that aspect of the game

Max M says:

Player career mode freekicking is gonna be a lot better nos

Abdilbari Gurey says:

just release the game i cant wait till september

Kyle Ferguson says:

Omg I’m so excited

Nabil TheSlayer says:

Fake throw was already available on fifa 08 then they removed it

k1ngw00d says:

Im getting this and im gonna wooop ass !!!!

GF6 says:

I have FIFA 17 videos on my channel if you need any information also in an entertaining way!

Panda Jr says:


Nick M says:

The Penaltys Look like a Bug when eh shoot (sorry for Bad english)

Matthew wheeler says:

I have the ps3 ps4 and Xbox1 now that’s what you call a real gamer I’ll be getting fifa17 on ps4 and pes17 on Xbox1 real football gamer here lol

felimessi fantastichfish says:

I hope they also make the run up for panenka penalties less obvious then they did in fifa 16 like when you do little steps before kicking the ball

Esther Girod says:

am i the only one who realises that in real football you can’t run up and down the field

Daniël Van Wijngaarden says:

zaza run in fifa 17?

INobo says:

is james bale?

Murry Yakub says:

I hope you fix you passing issue otherwise it will boring like FIFA 16 ✌️


same for ps3 and xbox 360?

elCaStii says:

puta madrid

- Montapuercos- says:

Muchas gracias a EA SPORTS FIFA por haberme otorgado esta magnifica experiencia, me divertí mucho y espero con ansias la salida del videojuego. Saludos desde Madrid!

King Gamer/كنق جيمر says:

طيب حطو جيمس زودريقز غلاف اللعبة تفو عليك بعد لا يكون السومة على الغلاف اللعبةfuck you

Juan Fritze says:

no way man, this is the best improvement imo in fifa 17. nice job EA

Magmablooded says:

omg the target crossing is so stupid, please dont ruin fifa ea, they will be too easy to score with

Sharif Ahmed says:

could you be able to control the movement of the ball while in air from a freekick

Mr0mzyKaya says:


connor bradshaw says:

Please bring back practice arena

Candy Andy says:

The best freekicks mode was in fifa 2003!!!!

Trey ok says:


William Mebrahtu says:

“Looking forward to it EA Sports”.

Crespos World says:

Does this feature will be on last gen

Berni03 ViiDEOS says:

this will be for xbox360?

DESI XXX says:


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