FIFA 17 Gameplay Features – Physical Play Overhaul – Eden Hazard

A master of creating space and fighting for position, Eden Hazard shows what you can do with the Physical Play Overhaul in FIFA 17. Control is now in your hands as you battle for space and possession.

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FIFA 17 is available globally from September 29 on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Ragers 4 Life says:

Should have been Sùarez not Hazard

Savage Bazapp says:

This is so cancer ….

Therealtruthishidden inaplanesight says:

I hope that strength still is a factor with this shielding feature!!! @EA SPOTTS FIFA

محمد اكرم says:

هل ستنزل على ps vita أتمنى الرد بسرعة

Aaron Yeboah says:

I played the closed beta and this is OP af.

Baljeet PT says:

does anyone know what camera they used on the gameplay?

DeliriousBear says:

wow with all these new attacking strategys they are going to have to *up* the *goalkeepers*

derpyryan says:

eden can use he’s physical side in the game?? or just the water boy??

Tutus Thomson says:

once again thanks FIFA!

Henry Fujita says:

Toda essa tecnologia e não conseguem fazer com que o juiz vista um uniforme que contrasta com a dos time…puta que pariu…espero que no Fifa 2053 esse problema possa ser solucionado…#a esperança é a última que morre

Harrison Reginald says:

The only important add in for me on FIFA 17 would be Ray Hudson as commentator/co-commentator, that would bring back some of the excitement Andy Gray left with. RAY HUDSON AS COMMENTATOR PLEAASEEE #magisterial

Jaiden Nyarko says:

Is this thing going to be on Xbox 360 and Ps3 you twats

Remi Chopin says:


Sumas says:

Unrealistic, Hazard doesnt score like this

Eli Soul says:

some people on here just love to complain. nit pickers. you are all still going to buy the game and play it till the next one comes out regardless of your dissatisfaction.

Mission Beats says:

there’s no fifa 17 on Ps4 or what -_-?!

dramen says:

This looks a lot fucking better…a LOT. This was always missing from fifa and this works out to looking so much nicer.

Ömer Boyuneğmez says:


SpideyPlayz Gamez I guess? says:

I like to use my “body to play football -Eden Hazard


M Patton says:

This ended up being far too unrealistic. The CPU simply knocks everyone off the ball… No call either

ChocolateLovin69 _ says:

is it just me or did eden answer that like he thought it was a stupid question

Jose Sanchez says:

what is the name of the song?

XTEX 2612 says:

Here’s a joke…


Luis A. D. Ah-Hoy says:

Year after year, we’re led to believe intelligence/gameplay in FIFA is improved ~ Year after year, we come to the conclusion that, while some flaws are removed or decreased, others are incorporated to the game… or old ones are amplified.

The fact is: EA keeps spoiling the most important part of the game, which is the gameplay and AI.
I know they make bucks out of people (mostly kids) who are simply worried about having 11 Usain Bolts in the field, hollywoodistic goals and cinematics.

But they would make so much money if they could find the right balance between entertainment and realism in the game. Their sales could grow at 30% figures, I dare to say ~ I admit, I never ever paid for a single FIFA franchise. And I’m still waiting to see if this is the year. Luckily for me, I’ve the possibility to borrow and test it, before spending my precious money on utter crap, disguised in beautiful visuals.

Ankur Sharma says:

0:24 James having fun

mjid 7_7 says:

we want ksa says:

Gerade für Standardsituationen wird das absolut genial..

AlexPulido117 says:

Que tiene de latino este canal?

Kyle Ferguson says:

About time cuz the last Fifa they was so clueless about who was the closest defender which was so annoying and inaccurate.

Oscar Ochoa says:

mas que dedicaros a hacer este juego podriais ocuparos del p… handicap de las narices del fifa 16 porque si no no me entran ganas de jugar . con cariño

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