FIFA 17 – Gameplay Features: Physical Play Overhaul – Eden Hazard Trailer | PS4

A master of creating space and fighting for position, Eden Hazard shows what you can do with the Physical Play Overhaul in FIFA 17. Control is now in your hands as you battle for space and possession.

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Sai Charan B says:

I have a bad feeling about this…………………..

Reinhard Ecker says:

Yeah EA Sports you overhaul something every year but the game feels either exactly the same or worse than the previous ones the only thing you change are the teams lol

santiago lòpez says:

vamos fifa 17

CEWIIH says:

Amazing news! this is one of the few features missing from FIFA, I hate having to head the ball on or risk losing possession to a defender. Being able to chest it down and then protect the ball is great and adds even more realism, can’t wait for this! 🙂

King Coopa says:


Zaccaria Chahbouni says:

PES 2017 should be better than FIFA 2017

EaglesInTheCity says:

“i try to use my booty” Hazard 2016

Clubby says:

only 52 years until we get the best fifa game

DarthMais says:


MegaFifaGamerHD says:

is it just me or does the pitch and graphics looks like FIFA 09 or something? im getting that sort of vibe from it :/

Welcome 2 Tijuana says:

Shield all the way to the gol

Lölöllp Oöpll says:

1500. Like

marco antonio metalpennis says:


King of the gamers -_- says:

يعني هازارد على الغلاف ما فهمت ؟؟؟؟؟؟

Саша Мейнерт says:

Looks plastic and unreal

gamiing mexico says:

fifa 17 = fifa 16 but better graphics

jimtheyid says:

Chelsea rent boy

Josh Webb says:

They always say that they have improved physical play but it never changes

The Gaming Knight says:

This game’s progress is still not done and u guys r realising it in less then 2 months?

True Gamer says:

I’ll wait for Fifa 2039

Tolga # says:


John Paul Balazo says:

brought you by Frosbite Engine!!

heichiro09 says:

Hahahaha how many times have you said that EA?

PengPeng Gyal says:

Am i the only ons that doesn’t play fifa cuzz its boring..

Kibris Gaming HQ says:

Sub to me new account plz all gaming

Murat Toker says:

onu bunu bırakın ADANASPOR var !

Toutou 44 says:

wow this is looks like FIFA 16,15,14,13,12,11,10,09,08,07,05,04,03,02,01,96

cubnstandrdps4 says:

Still looks weightless, I dunno what it is with EA games but it just feels like the players could float off the ground into space at any moment

itachi uchiha says:

marco reus in fifa 17 vote

Tim Senna says:

I have grown to hate Fifa programmers so much. They must basically know that whilst other game devs are pushing and overhauling games every year their product is about generating maximum profit via fifa coins on FUT. Starting to think there should be a yearly patch then bi-annual new Fifa’s actually released

adon ross says:

estos juegos llegaran a un punto que nadie jugara en la vida real y esto seran juegos olimpicos xDDD

XxvoleistulxX says:

fifa 09(version G) ” we dont wanna add to much stuff each year we keep some for next year”

مجهول 511 says:

We need legends in ps4

Suijin the Water God says:

So far this move seems a bit overpowered to me in the demo. Hopefully not in the official

Fabianski 04 says:

Allahu akbar?

chris brown says:

In other Fifa 16 with a squad update. EA got lazy many years ago when Konami lost the plot and basically handed David Rutter the keys to the monopoly.

Every year we get these gimmicks that are barely noticeable, especially on career mode as the CPU is just, well the CPU game after game after game.

FFS, as a start point just vary the playing style of CPU opponents. Even having 5 or 6 teams in every league who play long ball would be a start instead of every team passing it round like Barcelona.

WH250398 says:

Soooo… The whole ignite engine was pointless?

TheVikingroux says:


Starnana Guy says:

If anything is worse than Infinite Warfare, it’s this.

carmelo 232 says:

who else hates tackling or marking especially when playing online

John Marston says:

what? this ain’t new. I been using this “new feature” for years.

Pebs says:

típico , presumen gráficos que otros juegos ya tienen desde el 2014 o 2013 :’v , no entiendo como hay gente que le gusta esta basura :’vv

حمودي الانيق says:


Aiden says:

Sam eshit every year

oomtm says:

Well, I’m here prefering to play NHL and nobody is saying how all the nhl games are the same. (Because it isn’t, just like FIFA)

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