FIFA 17 Gameplay Features | Active Intelligence System | Marco Reus | PS4

Always making space and chances for himself and teammates, Marco Reus shows what FIFA 17’s Active Intelligence System means on the pitch. This brand new gameplay mechanic introduces constant spatial analysis, increases activity off the ball, and changes the way players move, read, and react.

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why did you guys always upload it late

mokats11 says:

Why do people get Fifa every year? If you played one you played all wtf. And no I don’t play call of duty

Galo Maricalva says:

Same gameplay every year….

alex43778 says:

we all know how it’s gonna fail

UltraAslan16 says:

very nice!

Андрей Яковлев says:

I hope this new AI will have better IQ than EA developers team

Raxaxa Ganaz says:

J.Loew should chose him instead of Gomez.

Christian Castillo says:

primero :V

TST Gaming says:

but in actual game this will never work xD

Lord Tentacles says:

How about the ability to start on the bench?

kenz pereria says:

Shouldn’t all this be in the last Fifa? Well at least they’re not releasing it as DLC

Joey X says:

Love how they make up new features and make it seem like its much better then the previous one

Sony God says:

Is this Fifa 98? cus it sure has not change alot since than.

eminemishh says:

Make sure my 96 pace aubemyang doesn’t get caught by mertesacker on the counter attack. Pace has been nerfed to much.

LUKEY says:

They say this every year ffs

Franco Solis says:

Pretty much, they will make the game a little more difficult on the difficulties.

Mikel Bons says:

so i still can’t see the difference between this game and fifa 14

Демир Садуллаев says:

PES is the best

DevineAaron says:

So it won’t take me 5 mins to take a shot? Or intentionally messing up a thru ball that goes to the keeper? I’ll believe that when I see it.

Furious Nipple says:

“get lots of fut content”. fut? like futile?

calahoon22 says:

Different year, same buzzwords

andre worrell says:


maestr0 says:

Look at all those passive defenders.

Cliff Ralph says:

Same same…shame

ContrastGames says:

The graphics are looking very nice, you can clearly see the new engine! 😉

Magrelovideos says:

R.I.P PES huehuehuehue

Leon Hart says:

Also known as momentum

FrsH -87 says:

So at last, Fifa have managed to do something about players ball watching. Smh.

Simo12321 says:

Goalkeeper fanno cacare

EAPvideoz says:

>implying there’s intelligence in releasing the same game under a new name every year


I bet only Reus has that inteligence AI and the others 4 players that promote fifa this year hahaahahahahahahah

fonzey20 says:

You said all the last year! What about stopping every pass going to the dickhead computer that’s ran offside

simeon Koskos says:

Like for good luck and to make me happy

Khalid Asirri says:

I’m triggered

raul bergougnoux says:


Horza Redfield says:

Fancy name. but we all know its not gonna work.

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