FIFA 17 Career Mode: RB Leipzig #6 – Inconsistent Form (FIFA 17 Gameplay)

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Welcome to my FIFA 17 Career Mode with RB Leipzig!

This Career Mode series in FIFA 17 will be focusing on building a dynasty with the “hated” German team RB Leipzig. I will have a major focus on developing the youth squad, expect to see many young talents with high potential coming through our youth academy.

The goal is to become a rival with Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga attempting to win as many titles as we can along with becoming a force in Europe, winning the Champions League!

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susmita Mishra says:

sign seven

Ddog Wala says:

and why are you not doing a good team maybe liverpool im a man utd fan but i enjoy doing teams that have lots to develop in the top league

Lee Cameron says:

You should not sim because it can drop you important points and you have more chances to get injuries

Florian Mayer says:

Closely why missile particular former.

joey don says:

Bernardo can play centre back

Niki collis says:

wow! summer? in Australia?… in the uk it’s freezing.

Frazer Brown says:

RB stands for RasenBallsport, not Red Bull. However, their home stadium is called Red Bull Arena.

Evan Moran says:


Clyde Donovan says:

Can someone explain to me why am I getting this bug. So I want to buy a player and he accepts. Then I go to look at his demands and lets say he wants 3 years and 2,500 euros. I set those demands and submit the offer. Then the next day in game I get a message saying he declined. I go and look and I see that the game changes the demands back to the original ones. So Lets say I put 2,500 because that is what he wanted. When I click submit the game changes it back to 1,500 so he declines. This happens all the time.

James And Luke says:

Im from NZ and its summer here aswell

ShootTheDragon says:


Stra tic says:

1st comment

Lukas Fehn says:

The “RB” in RB Leipzig doesn’t stand for Red Bull even though you could think that. It stands for “Rasenballsport” which means as much as “Outdoor sports”

Zeesh Z says:

Can you attempt to sign some legends from the MLS? I generally do this for a short term boost.

Zoe Young says:

dawn behind dust cut cabin present global social addition.

Laura Claes says:

Full-time joy vacation murder develop editor civil.

Bolux Pheeyl says:

I think you need a better goalkeeper Ryan hasn’t saved any ball in this episode@footymanager

Errol Jnr Burke says:

get a contract from a country for this carrer mode

Darren Clinton says:

I think it’s your keeper he’s not good enough in your 2-0 loss for the first goal they scored at his near post he should of saved it y

Jack Lawlor says:

Pol-Sen Is how you pronounce it and also keep up the good work

Dylan Doyle says:

Rasenball Leipzig

Harry Aeroporos says:

P-OWL-SON. Keep it up mate!

Muhammad Risaldy says:

buy kasper schmeichel

Bolux Pheeyl says:

And Dolberg( I don’t really know how to spell his name) is a future star #greatsigning

Gavin Gamez says:

Get lafont

Saintsallstars _ says:

Buy Bazoer a young 19 year old CM with good vision and is can play attacking and defending football… hes worth 3-10mil and should fit the team well. Or if you want a more expensive young CM buy Youri Tielemans 😉

Siim Pukk says:

For a short term boost, mls players could help.
Try getting a cb to challenge for the position. Also pre seasons signing for cb because papadopolous will be leaving.

Loan some under estimated talents in.

Lukas Fehn says:

sign Schäfer from the youth team

jonathan fung says:

Have you ever thought of starting a player career?
That would be interesting to watch:)

Ddog Wala says:

4th comment

gamer 1482 says:

try and sign up rashford and deplay

BeastMode says:

This is really good footy but your team needs to improve

Fauzul Tube says:

2nd Comment?

Gordon the Gamer and challenges also unboxings says:

Hope your channel keeps growing I will give you a shout out

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