FIFA 16 | West Ham United vs Arsenal – Full Gameplay (PS4/Xbox One)

Full HD FIFA 16 Gameplay of West Ham United F.C. vs Arsenal F.C.
Xbox One | PS4 | 1080p recorded with ElGato Game Capture.
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Vanrempuii Khawlhri g says:


Jesse Kaukolahti says:

Oh Noob

Jorge Moretti says:

bravo west ham united,,,,

wambogo jonah says:

West Ham was playing like Barcelona….yet they have different styles

fire ghost says:

I’ve never liked fifa but this one is amazing

real says:

the commentary is so annoying. he screams and screeches “OZIL’ so loud….. mass mind f.

Kayden Blaney says:

No way I missed

King Oflove says:

although fifa 16 is still same as 15 its still better than PES though

Jor plays roblox OMG says:

pes sucks

llenradify says:

I actually own both FIFA 16 and PES 2016 and I have to say there are pros and cons for both. Gameplay, graphics and animation goes to PES. Rosters, licenses, and for what’s it worth, commentary goes to FIFA. That said, with the roster updates and my almost finishing of my customization of unlicensed PES teams, I am finding myself putting more hours playing PES than FIFA. Up until last year, I have been all for FIFA but with PES regaining its former glory, I am leaning towards PES now. It’s beginning to feel like the PS2 days once again.

This particular match is quite accurate, though. Arsenal is supposed to be great but can’t even dominate a mediocre team like West Ham. Now that’s is quite an authentic Gunner feel! Haha!

The Antichrist says:

this looks shit

Kayden Blaney says:


Kayden Blaney says:

No way they scored

Danny C says:

They should change the commentary for fifa 17 the commentary is just so boring on fifa atm

Melanie Ferry says:

Petit qui pûtpût

Gareth D says:

The animations are so poor its laughable! Graphically it looks quite polished with impressive HUD but wtf is going on with the wooden animations? PS2 standard, PES is so much more inline with the current generation here!

Kayden Blaney says:

I’m on ps4 playing that

Nash DeCasias says:

this is fifa 15.

Felipe Augusto says:

Congratulations from Brazil! Crystal Palace playing in your home, please!

Alicena Reynolds says:

good play but arsenal should have won the game

jesus mm says:


Tbjzl Or Toby says:

Worst video ever bitch

anand ojha says:

my fifa 16 career mode is working very slow

Farhan Rais says:

arsenal should have won , RUBBISH!

Toh Greyson Max says:

Am I the only one who lag on playing on ps4 please can anyone help me solve this problem

Cezeta says:

that climate is that?

Sami Bah says:

fifa is better than pes

SM8 BRO says:

Arsenal should of won 4 or 5 nil

Jasboss Singh says:

I support Arsenal !!!!!!!!

Freaky Killers says:

Brilliant gameplay. !

Kayden Blaney says:

On seasons

Sazi Soganila says:

The movement is so realistic it doesn’t effect real life motion

Sazi Soganila says:

Yes they have polished the gameplay but it’s still not realistic.

Nikser PRO says:

fifa 15>pes 16

Anas Channel says:

? can you do barcelona vs chelsea plz

Nawfal Shafiq says:

Is this the demo

Football ART says:

Nice VID!

Darcvm says:

PES forever mate..

mightygamerhd gamer says:


SanTheMan917 says:

for some reason i think fifa 15 is better than fifa 16. just because

jakob bishop says:

We all know West Ham won against Arsenal in the EPL this season. Go Hammers

Orlando Orlando says:


Terry Alan says:

Yes they have polished the gameplay but it’s still not realistic. The movement is so robotic and doesn’t reflect real life motion

Coman Bogdan says:

It’s so annoying when you see that your players have no brain and when you attack they positioned like s**t. I don’t get it why they stay in offside almost all the time and when I have to shoot from distance there is one of my players which is on the ball direction and every single time they screw my chance. I hope that this will be change in FIFA 17…i hope.

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