FIFA 16: Ultimate Team – THE LEMONATORS! – (FIFA 16 Gameplay)

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Today my friends we play the new FIFA 16, returning to the Lemonators FC team! In this video we check out the new Ultimate Team “Draft” mode to FIFA 16 instead of playing league divisions, since this time around Lemonators will only be the stand alone video instead of a series, explained in the video. I hope you guys enjoy! 🙂


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Iva Buric says:

jor video ys lecend hu dont lajkd is stupet

fitt thefearless says:


Ash steven says:

Why dint you chip the keeper when he came out I’m in division 5 now

Dr . Enthusiastic says:

What do use to edit

John Manzano says:


Simon Weston says:

you did hit the ball

Destroyer 360 says:

and yes you did hit the ball

more praised coyote says:

on your first 4-3-3 he had suaqez

Kyle Creeper says:

cmon lemon thats goal keeper came out so far you couldve chip shotted it in but yea u did need SHABNalalalalaanbabababbaababanalala ababababababab

Devinasourus says:

whats teh song at 5:33?

Matt Angelo says:

He hit the ball witch hit him.

Blasted Gamez says:

14:57 omg that’s funny!!!

Jimmy DAKillerB says:


isaias rodriguez says:

You hit the ball

Frank Frank says:

I love you gaming lemon and can you make alien part 2 pls I have been waiting a year

RvR 101 says:


Cool Gaming- Vlogs-minecraft and more says:

Brad do blocked swears

Dara OFlaherty says:

I love you man your the best you tubers ever your the best love you

XxepicdudeXxAuz Auz says:

song name at 2:11

david wort says:

FIFA sucks

David Garcia says:

can’t tell if you hit the ball

Destroyer 360 says:

the funniest part was where you said “HE missed hahaha, o-oh..” 5:04 haha

LMPC channel LMPC says:

you hit the ball

Manuel José says:

Lemon, you just lost my sub, bcz U always shot the penalties to the same spot!!!!

Thomas Moores says:

on fifa 16 the refs are shit

isaias rodriguez says:


CMS 357 says:


da lemon says:

i used to play fifa 11

carlos g says:


Patman Slim says:

plz do more

TheGaming Wolf says:

Anyone realise when he put neymar on striker it was hunter then turned to basic?

THE PresentBloom says:


renegade says:

that fuckin intro cracks me up every time

da lemon says:


Frank Frank says:


Lewis Kirathi says:

U are The Best funniest football player

Cmg Playz says:

Play FIFA 17

skill bot Juventus says:

best part this team is just undefeatable oh dark shit im dead

ZootMiBalot says:


Ender Ninja2 says:

He hit the ball the guy tripped on the ball

more praised coyote says:

on your first 4-3-3 you could of got neymar for left mid

Ludvig Fikseth says:


Leo Tokarev says:


Fifa Best says:


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