FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Part 1 – First Game! (FUT Let’s Play Gameplay)

Video sponsored by EA Ronku! (they hooked it up with an early copy of the game :D)
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Sfkkksawikmsaa Ahnsahjcz says:


Daredevi L says:

he sucks

Chris Peralta says:

you suck

Jake Hotka says:

The right stick is skill moves.

AnibalTV says:

Bruh he sucks

sravan subhash says:

man I got my Xbox 3day before and I got Pepe Bravo Turin etc in FIFA 16 ut

Mega Spore says:


safetybear22 says:

oh and press x to cross when you are wide out

Damien Bremault says:

R2 is switch players

Ghalib Amin says:

that solo messi goal was sickk

juton saha says:

salut lеs gаrs vоulаiеnt simplemеnt рartаgеr сcсcеttе étоnnante grаtuitеееement i trоuvé FIFA 16 un сrédit illimité vu sur goоglе : FIFА 16 Ultimаte Тeam РРРаrt 1 First Gаme FUT Lеt s Рlау Gаmeрlау

ujiuhytdjyfliufdxc8xkho821gtr says:

You can also go look in the settings and look a moves

Raymond Jones says:

man, i haven’t played it yet but it looks so much better than fifa 15

Andy Sanchez says:

press B if you what to make a goal

Sir.Charles says:

How does he not know how to play this game when he’s played fifa 14 and fifa 15??? sounds like someone has bad memory……..Also, wouldn’t it make sense to go and check the controls if ya don’t know how to play a game………………….Duh

Victor Nic says:

this video is cool

BeastS1ay3r0213 says:

it’s none all not nil – nil. example: 2-0 would be 2 nil. 0-0 would be none all. 2-2 would be 2 all

Ghalib Amin says:

i ment surez

NCS _ LUAN says:

tai game s may bn

Armando Cardenas says:

This series gets a lot of love but TmarTn can’t pull through I bet you if he continued he could be atleast entertaining to watch

Novic says:

shall i make your fifa thumbnails contact me for more information

Max Kutish says:

sаlut les gaaaars voulaient simрlement partager ccccеtte étоnnаnte grаааtuitement i trooouvé FIFA 16 un crédit illimité vu sur gоogle : FIFА 16 Ultimаtе Teаm Pаrt 1 First Gamе FUT Let s Play Gamеplау

Sharon Coulson says:

A is to pass and if your in the box pass to one off your players and shoot

thuan nguyen says:

da nhu con cat nguoi ta

The Survivor says:

When you thought he was offside at 11:40 or something, you was in line with him as well, so he wasn’t offside.

بـرشـلـونـيسـتـا حر says:


R 666666666 says:

Hold b to shot higher

Jordan Escobar says:

try flicking the right stick when running and no body in front of you , it makes your player kick it farther forward so he can sprint.

Jack Wilson says:

Your work needs improvement but don’t worry you will get there

Van Hoang says:

You suck

R 666666666 says:

You have no skills I do

Faze Loams says:

ur just press it then let go

MEguSTA Puia says:


Alex Jones says:

use the right stick to do skills

Olufemi Abe says:

what’s taking so long to play

Brian Carnalla says:

yea Messi, he’s the best and FC Barcelona is my favorite team too.

jim bruno says:

playing a friendly game is easy as pie

Abu Nene says:

I really liked your FIFA videos a lot because I do not have FIFA 16 at my house but I downloaded the FIFA 16 for android and I really loved it so thanks the video and piz out

Jake Hotka says:

B and LB at the same time is a chip shot.

fifa 16 says:

I really liked your fifa videos 1 to 3 a lot I wish I have fifa 16 myself one day but I can’t so I really don’t care about that but ea sports has make the android game for fifa 16 right so I just keep playing it and the game is so much fun by the way thanks for the video piz out

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