FIFA 16 – Real Madrid vs Barcelona (FIFA 2016 PC Full Gameplay)

FIFA 16 PC Real Madrid vs Barcelona. This is a FIFA 16 FULL GAMEPLAY video of Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona. El Clasico!

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Hdalmar dalmardahab says:


wadie Zekout says:

cut bb

Zeus LOLL says:


مجتبى رائد says:


Edgar GamePlay says:

suscribance a mi canal

Shane jo Joy says:

plz send downlaod link

Justin Bieber says:

Can i play fifa 16 with these specs? Intel(R) Core(TM) i-5 4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz 2.30GHz,Ram-4gb(3.89gb usable),64- bit operating system,AMD HD 8600M series.

fh 123 says:


victor Dom says:

can i play fifa 2016 pc for 2 players??

StillNoobGaming SNG says:

hey dude nice gameplay

suthobay says:

PES 2016 and Fifa 16


Iker Muñoz says:

You use a comando?

Martin Papil Castillejos says:

pon america vs barcelona fifa 2016

Gamer Vinicius says:

que tecla do pc devo clicar para chutar ao gol?

Geralrd White says:

look like FIFA 14

The Grefg says:


The Grefg says:

shit big

Zeus LOLL says:


Dionisio Barbosa says:


MD GAMES says:

FIFA e bom mais PES e melhor

Incognito475 says:

You play on easy level….

תומר ספרא says:

XBOX 360

Aatifgamer2017 says:

I love Real Madrid
And Barcelona

Juan Gameplay Dg says:

vá tomar no cu vei a descraça é Bacerlona nada de Real

Janio Campanha says:

Ótimos gráficos.

WillBendingSteel says:

Spot on guys… You know the game fifa.. I broke my today because of sick things like i Won my first game in Fut div 6 online with 4-1 and was happy and all but after the game the result board showed loss instead.. This happened many times and many other things… this is to frustrate us.. because when you are frustrated you consume more.. So i thought fuck it no more brainwashing mother fuckers.. I recommend everyone to throw fifa away because they just want you to be frustrated and consume!

Mo3awia XPro says:

waaaaaaaw good game ilove you man

Erick Chavez says:

you good you better than your dad your dad is soo bad at Fifa I could beat him

Matheus Ramos says:

Good times was play PES 2002 PS1, PES 2012 PC… today, all they are a shit!

Hector Corona says:

CR7 is the best in the universe

facundo fernandez says:


Julius 100% zueiro says:

pior jogo q eu ja joguei

Sa Rak says:


chedly ntr says:

pes 2013 is the best football game ever

Jairo Vitor says:

gostei é bom

Naserghannam Ghannam says:

برشلونة هي الاقوى

ملاك وعيوني هلاك says:

رابط تحميل

Roberts Zonis says:

hello, can somebody please make balls from fifa 2008 for MY FIFA 10 PC ?
is it possible? 🙂 😉

fh 123 says:


Time Lapse King says:

This is an awesome fifa video man! 😀 if you can do visit my channel! That would be awesome!!gcraj 😀 Until next time and keep up the great videos! Peace

jose jesus rubio lopez says:

no te doy licke porque el fcb es megor que tu tonto real madril

عمر موسى says:


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