FIFA 16 Official E3 Gameplay Trailer – PS4, Xbox One, PC

Official #FIFA16 E3 gameplay trailer with Pelé. Play Beautiful.
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FIFA 16 will be available this fall on: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 3

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yozgatlicaner says:

if there is no OTP mode in fifa 17 me and my friends will stick with pes 2017

thesafetruth says:

beautyfull Fotball be like HHHHHH!!

Jan Majnik says:

Pele…best narrator ever…not 😀

Le Killeur says:

Like si tu regardes en 2016

SlowBurn says:

I have a lot of nostalgia from this fifa16

TooCoolForYou says:

Worst fifa by far

Gokul Krishnan says:

FIFA 17 is nearing and I still haven’t figured out how to exit slide tackles

funny fanny says:

lol neymar look like a giant monkey .. he must be angry for that

MegaLimeboy says:

Who just noticed they used the 14/15 kits in the trailer but not the actual reveal?

Le Killeur says:

Like si tu regardes en 2016

RM Gameplays says:


Killian Kraus says:

Sing blend bed form humor detect

musiclover says:

I love this song

nike cr7 says:

salami ton arrêté svp

Sandeep Mohanty says:

Hello Guys ! Need a help .. My configs are –
i7 , 2GB graphics 920M nvidia, 4GB(probably the weak part) .. will Fifa 16 work smooth or better i buy Fifa 15 ?
Thanks in advance folks..

Lorenzo ciammaruconi 1927 says:


Sebastian Sandelius says:

I called this video “try not to sleep challenge”

Zoloo Z says:

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musiclover says:

Fifa 16 play beautiful.. sure I don’t mind, too bad others are playing with super high pressure and make perfect tackles everytime I have the ball.


the worst fifa

Pingu D: says:

poha 1:11 o diego costa treta ate no trailer kjkk

Victor Edema says:

ugly shity game fifa 16

D&M The Cousins says:

This is FIFA 15 Because Look at The Barcelona Jersey

Anika Brooks says:

this is inspiring

Pack A Puncher says:

Awesome video! Keep up the amazing work!

Vinay VL says:

6K dislikes for this beauty? my dad must be one among them. in the end he has to buy me that xD

Austen Jud says:


Anthonyngo freestyle says:


Aperture Editing says:

This is so much better than FIFA 17’s trailer

Ramon Santos says:


alilou alilou says:


Aadi Ringay says:

is fifa 17 available on computers?

Simon Mbenza says:

what was the music of your fifa 16 e3 trailer called?

Cyberclone8790 says:

he says at the beginning- “the game play it, but the entire planet…” he doesnt finish his sentence

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