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Haz01 says:

+seargent Mr fiddlesticks fuck u you mummys boy

ElCheDeNy 94 says:

rakitic is butt. all he has a good shot. that’s it’s. barca got Sum scrub ass players this yr. only good ones are messi, iniesta, arda, and mascherano. everyone else is shitty

Y-M17THA 21 says:

ur playing on beginner u idiot

DinosuarDan says:

c’mon he didn’t choose the real madrid player

Alec Caballero says:


Domagoj Lončar says:

you can pick javi martinez and chemistry to iniesta and azpilicueta

Legenterry says:

You should have gone with Martinez for lcb

Chelseavqpr Games says:

i support barcelona

matthew2131 says:

Philip best cam in world

Factory Share says:

Hit with more than 3 bars of power it will hit harder

Manyak Spiker says:

Vay Arda’yı aldı

Daleion Gregory says:

you idiot you should of chose martinez to link with inesta and the chealsea leftback it would of bin more chemisty beacause there both spanish but not i n the same league so it would be orange. So next time if it happens again go for martinez so the squad would be even beter GOT IT ,I THINK YOU DO .plus it makes it even worst beacause im only nine ! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF

FTI says:

Can u make ya face cam bigger??

Man Of the lolZ says:

he doesnt know how to do a good draft

Joaco Giungi says:

inbesillllllllllllllllllllllllll sos un mal parido

Abdi Mohammed Diriye says:


BAYRAY says:

Try and make the face cam a bit bigger

Kyle Baker says:

I think on fifa 16 goalkeepers are shit on it .sick game but that’s the down point

NajdReal217 says:

hahah so neymar is the best LW in the game hahhah
i think tehre is player called Ronaldo i he is quiet good

Captain Royce says:

God bless

Nikhil Maharaj says:

I like how his channel name is the formula for potential energy. Any reason behind that or just a co-incidence?

Trendz Foryou says:

I am new

adriel miller says:

you are a fool

The Deadly Mushroom says:

Santiago is beutiful

The magical Idiot says:

Lotts of chelsea

Nasir Bakare says:

Neymar best left winger in the game? Ever heard of RONALDO? lol

Matteo Ferrara says:

Anyone want to wager me respond to this comment FIFA 16 PC

Ross Young says:

why the fuck wouldnt you plat fabregas, you were already on 100 chem u retard

Tadiwa Govereh says:

Mgh is so dumb putting Danilo instead of Ribery ps he’s a nerd

Joshua reed says:

It’s demo

tim howard says:

i love your vids

Quatro Manic says:

You are so bad at draft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuna Özdür says:

Türklere ve Arda’ya selamlar .

Syphax 123 says:

nooooooooooo marcelo is better

Flashkiller Squad says:

This is demo

Richard says:

I make FIFA videos as well as much more, please come take a look! Not terribly proud about advertising like this but it’s so difficult getting exposure. Thanks 🙂

Evan Minecraft says:

i have a full legend. much better than yours

asf jerome says:


Upoko Paratainga says:

holy mother tits

JB's Tips Tricks Games And More !! says:

Great team

Mina Sanjer says:

fuck you

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