FIFA 16 Gameplay – Women Are AMAZING!

1ST FIFA 16 Vid!! WOMEN’S TEAMS ARE HERE! (Germany vs. USA)
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SIMS 4LIFE says:

Have you played fifa 13 ?

Erik Skog says:

You’re terrible. Can barely get in the Box on amateur

Katrina Sarquist says:

dude why stupid Germany

Chris Luke says:

USA USA USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweed 619 says:

I remember

Apollo Creed says:

You know you can take the circle off it should be r3 or something

SimularPort3112 says:

At 3:47 R.I.P Headphone users

ilham thoriq vlog says:


Janis Anderson says:

I don’t like you men are better

TreyHitEmUp _21 says:

click right trigger or left

Stephanie Jarrett says:

You didn’t do bad for your first time playing

Ashton mclennan says:

play more

Alexis Fox says:

you think you are good you are on easy

Tuwanna Peoples says:

will is a cry baby

Arleg 190 says:


Savage_ Master2781 says:

He was saved by penaltys


Tuwanna people’s your so right

Cyrus Streeter says:

your face is to big so you might want to move it idiot

Katrina Sarquist says:

dude Germany suck USA number 1 : Germany 1000 Germany suckd

Dnll says:

you the best

Javane Moore says:

make more fifa videos

Andy Dqaf says:


Tuwanna Peoples says:

will is a cry baby

miguel perez says:

you don’t no how to play soccer

Katrina Sarquist says:

Yolo go fuck off go suck your dad’s dick

demani thomas says:

men team is better

Shawn echo says:

so close will.

Tuwanna Peoples says:

will is from garany he picked the garmany team

QO786 says:

annoying as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SimularPort3112 says:

Will play FIFA 17

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