FIFA 16 Gameplay – Real Madrid Vs Chelsea (PS4/Xbox One)

The video cuts to the people actually playing it from time to time, bear with it guys!
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FIFA 16 Gameplay – Real Madrid Vs Chelsea (PS4/Xbox One)

I believe this is Demo footage of FIFA 16 (possibly BETA). Similar to FIFA 16 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: E3 2015, FIFA 16 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: Gamescom 2015

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نواف المطيري says:

م عرس

Tim Kern says:

All I hear is the German guy from the GTA radio stations.

Kings Ward 1st Messiah of Harambe says:

erm, dirty goal XD……Lol missed the real time goal for the interview too. Now find real FIFA players and do it again without the interview

Atıf Aydın Turanlı says:

Did it released?

Akshat Singh says:

man fifa is way better than pes ,i have both

imZinkoHD says:

Gameshare and I’ll give gta 5

D&D Gamez says:

Nice job man! Check out my vidz too for some nice FIFA action

Tony Elk says:

Fifa is junk. the players run weirdly, its end to end like basketball and so fake looking. If anyone knows about football play pes16 please lol

Juan Rdgz says:

is the same shit.

Ezer lovesfifa says:

Go to ‘ Ebenezer the gamer ‘ too see really cool draft series

Tepo Lorganist says:


ItZ_Moi says:

I love Chelsea

Purana Paapi says:

fifa sucked life out of konami. would have loved if every year both come. that pushes each other to do more. konami not going to make more PES

Yilun Mao says:

i hate to say but these two guys played horrible. very fast pace, like doing counterattack all the time. i do.respect these guys but, seriously, not as good as i expected

Wille Loef says:

Do you have ps4 and want to play against me in a video and make series? Then mail:

BamBamMacho says:

ki mk odlsakldjslfjdshhsf uierwohehfdj wg uyh kjef hf fdkjdff h dd sjdfshkdjs ds dsf dfskjdf dfsh jkdfsjdfhjdshfddiuoeakjw i eqwioewoi eioew erhhdf lol

H. Gill says:

EA obviously changed few aesthetics, didn’t touch much of the underlying code. Thus, plans to profit from hardcore FIFA gamers which will buy this version regardless.

The lack of fluidity in build-up play is very disturbing (I.E. players overstretching to control passes, lagging to release the next pass, strange trajectory of lobs, crosses, shots, etc). I haven’t had a chance to test the shooting, defending, etc, but believe I have seen enough in this clip to conclude this version has kept many flaws from the previous version. Coding for appalling action such as the unorthodox scissor kick at 2:23 being an excellent example.

I have been playing FIFA for more than 15 years, but will not buy FIFA 16. I cannot support such frustrating coding. Moreover, lack of attention to issues a number of consumers have voiced. I.E. the poor A. I movements, defending, passing, etc.

CrimsonGold says:

Zi sound ofs her voice dus makes mein willie tingles!

Ezer lovesfifa says:

Go to ‘ Ebenezer the gamer ‘ too see really cool draft series


è migliore la xbox one ”
Es mejor el xbox one “

Tony Elk says:

more like pinball lol

Soccerkid says:

Top schönes Video…..

Purana Paapi says:

fifa sucked life out of konami. would have loved if every year both come. that pushes each other to do more. konami not going to make more PES

Flavius Daniel - Forever Disney says:

that is one of the worst game-play talk i ever seen.

MMLs27 says:

I thought they were meant to have revamped the crossing? Looks the same.

Ryan Confey says:

Can you do a pack opening on fifa16

FIFA gamer says:

It’s so bad

TheRandomeez says:

When that female started to talk at 0:38 I was like “shit did I forget english?” and then I realized she was talking in other language.

Aztecurai Gaming says:

Hey I know ya’ll have seen a thousand of these or more! But I’m a gamer too, and I’d really appreciate if all ya’ll would check me out! Subscribe like and comment! Thanks ya’ll I really appreciate it

TheRandomeez says:

This looks exactly like the past fifas! Twenty two players on the pitch running behind ball just like always! Crowds ! and the grass is always green! Innovation motherfucker do you do it?

infinitelimitation says:

you cunts at EA have murdered the gameplay, fifa 15 was ok, now when om through on goal and want to shoot, i get a fucking soft sidefoot tap, it does not switch to the player i want it to most of the time, does not make the right passes etc etc, at least in fifa 15 when i lost a game online i knew i deserved to, on 16 you press something and it does not do what you fucking input, trash fucking game

Gerson Umanzor says:

Hey guys checkout my FIFA 16 Xbox one unboxing video. FIFA 16 commentaries coming soon

Alberto831 Garcia says:

is this game aviable for the 360 or only new gen

toorop111 says:

It looks the same every year so far on PS4!

C.W P says:

How annoying can that guy be

nibble on deez nuts says:

Hello everyone, I need some help here. I have never bought a soccer game in my life and I want to finally get one this year for my Xbox one. Which one should I get, FIFA 16 or PES 16?

Dree Gomes says:

Fifa 10 n 12 over this crap

Spikereef says:

This is literally the same as 15 lmao

Jonathan Perez says:

I wanted to watch gameplay not five freaking retards sitting on a bench. This was a pathetic interview.

MakeStely18 says:

whats the camera setting?

LA TIGRE says:

I played PES 2016 demo and im surprise.Konami make a great work.
I still dont know why this game can run on my 2011 pc .

Ville Rautanen says:

Well this look quite ok? Is this really FIFA 16?

Jan Nowak says:

sucks, it looks like a game from 2002 -,-

Stavriana Aniftou says:

hi does FIFA 16 come with me?

Ville Rautanen says:

Näyttää ihan makeelta..parempi pelattavuusku FIFA 15:ssä!

Pankaj Dutta says:

same old shit. still people buy it.

Mr. Grandmaster says:

We all know this game will be bullshit like always but we are all going to buy it and play it every day.

Mohamad codkiller says:

ich bzleshgwkajararrgdkksiskibdbdjd jskkskaiiayahalla a nfndhsgbssnsndbafada. baganh ich nicht dhshkaiehtdeutxch nsksk, how is it going so far. XD

AUSTIN 3:16 AUSTIN 3:16 says:

who else here has an xbox one?

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