FIFA 16 Gameplay Demo – IGN Live: E3 2015

Check out some of the newest features to the FIFA series from our live show at E3 2015.The video starts at 0:08

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MrRozarlive says:

all lies, complete bull crap. the game is awful after patches.

Frozzard says:


Iv an says:

the biggest shit from all fifa series is fifa 16 , the demo Version was amazing but the full version is a catastrophe !!!

Igor Jovanovic says:

fifa 15,16 je naj gora igrica gori je od majkrafta!!!

Rayan Addad says:


كرستيانو رونالدو says:


A, A Studios says:

WTF!!!!!!!! PS god video

Human Being says:


Szymon Duma YT says:


Rodrigo Silva says:

quem quiser tirar contra me adiciona ai: gametarg Digao127, marrecos!!!

Eshilis Eshilis says:

I was so excited about new Fifa coming I even head pre order like two months ago I regret I did this game is so bad it’s totally new game nothing like one from before I am really disappointed terrible job it’s a shame !!!!!!!!

Doky says:

Y´know everywhere ..

Ansaar Omar says:

Messi beats Marcello easily as he comes sliding in then miraculously gets up and takes the ball from Messi! How the F is that even possible?!

St.Sergant Tor says:

anyway i love this video ! but if you want working cheats for fifa coins just search *LOKIESGUIDE* in google.

Bill Beis says:

you can get more offensive rebounds than basketball , fifa games … scripted , idiotic for people that dont actually like football …

Nick Levesque says:

Stop making your game about luck and make it based on skill cause even if you dominate an opponent they somehow get one lucky goal and win

walter gonzalez says:

best fifa everrrr!

Skate or Live says:

Next big fix should be your community

Tony Elk says:

fifa is a junk. try pes16 if you know anything about football lol

ADNAN Hussain says:

fifia16 funny

GRoss074 says:

what a stupid reason to give only messi tatoos. what about ibrahimovic en de rest off al the players?

علي بيده says:


ClassicKickerz says:


Kj Xtreme r2mo says:

Last Fifa I bought was FIFA World Cup 2010. Since then nothing has changed. improved ai and updated squads and updated graph… Nvm looks the same as FIFA 2006. What’s new?

Yon Vaiye says:

Who thinks that EA Sports should make a FIFA game every two years and make a bunch of improvements from game to game based on fan feedback. They could just update the squads and ratings every month or so for the two years and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with this. EA Sports would get more time to make real changes unlike now. I hope that the next FIFA game is FIFA 18.

MrOmareffendy says:

so annoying…

Fernando Romano says:

Muito bacana bagulho

RB Z says:

Same shit, different year!!!

florian cordier says:

If you want Fifa 16 at a good price === >

Ansaar Omar says:

EA is totally destroying FIFA! 15 was crap and not much has been done to improve 16! Whats the use of having great graphics but gameplay sucks!

TheGamer 25 says:

The only thing that changes in fifa are the players shoes the rest is shit and i gotta say fifa15 graphics /gameplay is much better

The Gravitizedzero says:


Volkan Atis says:


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