FIFA 16 Gameplay – Barcelona vs Real Madrid [1080p HD 60FPS] El Clasico

FIFA 16 Gameplay of Barcelona vs Real Madrid in 1080p HD 60FPS El Clasico.
Fifa 16 Gameplay on PS4

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batman silva 23 says:

I did it in fifa 16 and I tide 4-4 do panelteys

James Bauer says:

pique didn’t deserve a red card

Tec Gameplays says:

Só pra min que o vídeo fica travando?

marley walker says:

look at 4:00 lol

CINGROY - says:

team barcelona

iAm Human says:

this game is so

luis pineda says:

this shity play is on easy mode lol

Neto # says:

Easy difficulty

LukaCraft says:

its a demo

D'Angelo says:

FIFA is joke, just look at Neymar

Jahisiah Francis says:

passing at the right times could get u 6 or 7 on the last match

Calvin van Leeuwen says:

Best goal stick voice.

Erik Rynsburger says:

Bear satisfy general degree.

maria jose Nuñez Lindao says:


X JoeDavid4637 says:

rookie difficulty

Sergey Dallaqyan says:

FIFA 16 Flow Google Chrome SwiftKey


Saptashwa Chakraborty says:


ronnie ross says:

Wait Neymar is in Barcelona

Gustavo Martir says:

Come watch our live broadcast games. Martir_Kingdom

Clark Christian says:

1:00 Pepe

Liedson Fernandes says:

How is Pedro still in barca in FIFA 16 lol

Pedro Montero Ramirez says:

esmegor. mess

Shirley Mccann says:

Messi is better

Serbian Tuber says:

Pes is better

Mehmet DİRLİK says:

hy well.. this is wоrk 😀 i hаve mу free сoins frоm this link. vеry cool tool
bеfоre lаtе brothеrs FIFA 16 Gаmеplaay Barcelonа vs Reаl Мadrid 1080p HD 60FРS Еl Clаsico

Kacper Tokarski says:

this is demo :00 0:02

Shaziah Naeem says:

i have fifa 15 16 17 both games are fantastic

Larry Tam says:

Xbox360 or xbox one?

Karzanater312 Batista says:

Lol look at neymars dick at 4:02

Makaveli says:


Thegoldengamer //tgg says:

I hate Real Madrid

Shadoww Dogg says:

This guy is Trash…

Caleb dejoun says:

the second goal was on insensible

arwen oak says:

best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GA MES says:

svp, comment vous filmer votre ecran

Pedro Montero Ramirez says:

esmejor. messi

Chaitanya Sharma says:

this guy is a noob

Emmanuel Dairo says:

Can you be an old team on FIFA? I mean like 2004 Barcelona

Fabby Rodriguez says:

why you peak fcb they suck real madrid

Jaritho Carp says:

Que cámara estas usando? No la encuentro!

XxCODPlayerDestroyerxX J says:

That’s the demo

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