Fifa 15 | Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona – El Clasico | FULL Gameplay | by PatrickHDxGaming

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PS: The game was not 100% final! Some ratings may could change and goalkeepers will be also improved a bit!

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Anze Bozic says:

barca the best

Tony Montana says:

Bitte rede lieber deutsch,, hhhhhhhhhh

Tony Montana says:

Ja dann halt den mund wenns so schwer ist ,,, kommt eh nur bull sht raus 😛

Cinthya Carrasco says:

Messi is the best

Ali Galip says:


Henrxx says:

lern englisch

no user name no user name says:

if that was me playing then the score will be 10-0

Ali Galip says:


Suraj Behera says:

aswm match bro

الهدف بتاع ايفونا مردوني جدا جدا بكري says:

thefifaisvery good

الهدف بتاع ايفونا مردوني جدا جدا بكري says:

thefifaisvery good

Dana Malinivska says:

David. ako si za vecer LOL XizaL zed Brend. Lusion RAZe. Rengar ◀◀◀

Tony Montana says:

Bla bla bla

Mita Ultra HD SRB says:


Jamel Zilla says:

Heeeey Friendssss I Have Foundddddd Workinggg Online Hacck visittttt : –

Neven Đokić says:

This game is fucking SHIT ! TO GET THE BALL with sliding tackle is ABSTRACT NOUN!!!! FUCK EA SPORTS, GAMES FOR KIDS!!!

Dog Play says:

я руский

nathanael owen says:

Im paying him

Nona Qareli says:


Vaman Ramnauth says:

Your a funny guy lol

niina tikkalahtia says:


gega nadiradze says:

Basra barsa

Velriu Geiming says:


Zoka Fcbarcelona Waled says:


Oliver Shelley says:

epic video

Tony Montana says:

Amateur hhhhhhhhhh

Blastblazer awesome says:

he sucks he doesnt use skill moves

Jonny Boy says:

Du bist kein Engländer

EliteFires says:

Anyone fancy a game of FIFA 15 seasons? Add me on PSN “cozmen”
Send me a message saying “I like gas monkeys” then I know it’s you….getting adding:)

Massimiliano Massarenti says:


Aygun Mustafayeva says:

ale adamkimi oyna

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