Fifa 15 | FULL Gameplay – Manchester United vs. Manchester City | by PatrickHDxGaming

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Borussia Dortmund vs. Bayern München FULL Gameplay:


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PS: The game was not 100% final! Some ratings may could change and goalkeepers will be also improved a bit!


Tekkerz_fresh21 Tekkerz_fresh21 says:

ewww Manchester United are rubbish my opinion

Tara Bhai says:

yay! man utd won! thanks to the player of united.! great video.!

Cygame PC says:

You guys who like football games visit my channel!!!

Klocini says:

Another disadvantage of this game-they didn’t think about the details.Look at De Gea’s kit.There’s AON instead of Chevrolet…

Nick Fox says:

Germans need to practice their penalties, City are defo the better team!

Lin Musademba says:

this is nyc

Eugene Perriwinkleshire says:

What a terrible way to waste your time, making small pixel men kick a small pixel ball around your tv screen. I think football should be made illegal.

Shofiq Ali says:

Demo was so much better than the game

Tien Dzung Phan says:

Seriously? Did any body see De Gea’s shirt? It’s AON for Christ’s sake!

Akeem Wallace says:

wonderful game man

Angel Karki says:

can we put fifa video direclty without any copyright

Minecraft Corey says:

Youre cool at fifa guys so cool

The Sheriff says:

why did 16 get rid of the commentator at the very start and end of matches? And what is the guys name?

sigve Sletten says:

He suck at the nipple

Hasnain Sikandee says:

I think this game is awesome

Fifa14videos says:

Anyone want to duplicate there money you have to have xbox1 and fifa 15 my Xbox name is vReaL BLazEv

Patton the GREAT says:

Great game!!!

Kian Raj says:

Why is de gea wearing an aon jersey?

Keith Gill says:

When man city scores then man united scores then man city then man united that awesome and Manchester United won I wanted Manchester United to win

Amorim W says:

*Man United <3*

Kayleigh Walker says:

when he says “maties ” it sounds like he is a pirate

JF Klumb95 says:

great match!!

master swag says:

Nice videos

Dami Ibrahim says:

when u gonna show fifa 16

SqueezTheSkeng says:

Fifa 15 is shitttttttt

linushorn03 says:

You had luck to win , patrick

Şahmuradov ŞM says:

Supeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Galatasaray Besiktas please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nazri Buang says:

That was an awesome match.

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