F1 2016 Gameplay Monaco 100% Race Lewis Hamilton.

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Ashleigh Richardson says:

So glad you’ve done another commentary with Justin. Keep them coming guys!

Donny M says:

You pushed vettel of the track @ 07:45

Overwatch and FIFA gameplay says:

When will he get a wheel ffs

Matt Dell says:

Best Ever F1 2016 gameplay yet!

Sander Lang says:

Was this a challenge trying to crash everyone out to win the race or just a 100% race?

Dalton G says:

7:28 Hamilton wheel hopped getting into the Nouvelle Chicane

i_n0Sc0pedJFK says:

Nice copy of Ben hehe

Tommy Kee says:

Front wing still doesn’t look like 2016 Mercedes

steve wilson says:

Good commentary. Shame the AI is so bad ! So much contact, a crash into the safety car and overtakes in places that just wouldn’t happen. Codemasters, always good graphics but the AI and physics are always a let down.

Matt M says:

How did you not get bored?

lgj1443 says:

Nice polish flag 1:01

imthemosthandsome says:

Matt channeling his inner Crofty by mistaking Raikkonen for Vettel

Dawido920 says:

1:01 Polish Grand Prix 😀

Jean E. Marre says:

Hi! New in F1 2016: The engineer suggests a new strategy and awaits my answer (with a countdown). But how can I change the strategy?

Donny M says:

This looks like shit. you bump in to everybody, you suck. if you drove fairly you’ve had an 4-5ish place

Maurizza Radhitya says:

I’m so done with this track.. It’s too hard, he good at maintained the position.. But one mistake could be fatal.. Even trying to overtake is nearly impossible.

judderthe f1racer says:

great race

Markeeez 18 says:

Does the console versions of F1 2016 have camera settings like pc? for example Field of view etc.

Nicky Lola says:

I thought Vettel retired from the race

Ilmārs Suveizda says:

You was leader butcher this time besides great video.

James McDougall says:

How do u get ultra-soft Tyers? My game doesn’t have U-S tyres… Plz help 😀

Justin M. says:

Is there an option to turn turn TC off for the AI to make it more fair for you (so they’d be using the same simulation as you)?? Cause it seems like you (or Hamilton in this video lol) are the only one sliding around at some points coming out of corners

Anthony Iuculano says:

14:54 Cut the line at the Pit Exit…

Hootywho says:

There are about 6 occasions where Hamilton should have lost his front tires. Realism, yay!

Matt Ryan says:

Damn Matt, can’t wait for your career mode!

Gillian Wain says:

missing you so much night

Joel North says:

damn matty. i haven’t seen sloppiness like this off you since rock n racing xD

ziggythecartoon says:

EXCELLENT commentary! That was great to watch!

XsneakyXdragonX 12 says:

I think they made this game to soon. they need to sort out the bugs and glitches. YOU are fired for killing a pit crew member.

Nilay Kumar says:

Hilarious !!!

Mitchell Jarvis says:

can put realistic damage on

HarunaTM says:

Its The Robert Kubica Grand Prix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XpoZedBeatz says:

Fake and unrealistic. Kimi doesn’t do interviews. 0/10 won’t be buying.

Sideways Nismo says:

Someone did this a few years ago and got a million views. However he was a smaller youtuber so I expect more on this

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