F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay: SILVERSTONE RACE (F1 2016 Direct Capture Gameplay)

Exclusive Direct-Feed HD F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay!
F1 2016 PS4 Mercedes at Silverstone Direct Feed Preview!
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Intro Song? Ongoing Thing
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)

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TheLastFraudster says:


Edijs Benoit says:

finally video with TV T-Cam

MarcoTheGermanEnglishman says:

Dors anyone know if that is the final onboard view of the Mercedes? I mean they have a slot between the two nose cameras and the slot is not in there (yet)….

CozmicVideos says:

0.025s separating the top three in quali. If only real F1 was like that.

Rodrigo Bedin says:

No anthem? little disappointed.

Jordan James says:

AI needs Improving your overtaking them & there just dropping miles back

Faishal Harahap says:

nice to see rio haryanto 🙂

Refik Mehmeti says:

fucking scary faces


Nico Looks High on the podium

Phellipe Diaz says:

FFS. Annoying camera changing.

Massimiliano Massarenti says:

*Ferrari* is the BIGGEST SHIT! Never so bad bad.

Pro Instincts says:

They should’ve left the commentary on during the race, like the classic F1 games.

Rauph Lemos says:

wonderfull batlle with Button

Brony Rebellion X says:

Couldn’t they at least add some realistic motion blur?

JCrules says:

good quality vifeo and editing well done

WeirdKevve _ says:

Please can you play with Max verstapen

aaaaah54 says:

please show the Formation Lap

Franklin Clinton says:

its very easy

FlightSimDev says:

So boring watching someone with all the aids turned on

MarcoTheGermanEnglishman says:

Dors anyone know if that is the final onboard view of the Mercedes? I mean they have a slot between the two nose cameras and the slot is not in there (yet)….

hulksmash865 says:

Will you be able to turn the names above the drivers off in the settings menu?

UncleDeluxe says:

Hoping for a VR patch. How about it, Codemasters?

sjmzeldaavgnfan says:

Is it just me or does the Merc still have the 2015 spec nose?

Lukesbricks16 says:

Whatwas the difficulty on?

JCrules says:

still screentear ???? i see

Schawonn Momin says:

its not a merc chassis.. is it?



Angerfistnick MOH says:

do you have got a playseat?

Pat Lin says:

Its for snes right? Not PS4?

Cornelao CR says:

ok..it’s everyone here who played last two games F1 on PS4? i found some big difference between these versions in a bad sense for 2016. The car seems like it has 3000 kilo! In 2015, the car was easy and you can controll it faster. Now is very hard to control while you move left or right…i dont like it….i checked full traction and low assist on brake. It’a another way to make the car easier??

Goofball Vid Productions says:

Looking pretty nice, so far 🙂

Schawonn Momin says:

Can I ask you a question? Why this Mercedes isnt like the real one? with a hole in front ?

Emiel says:

I was missing the middle finger of Lewis (A)

MagicAyrtonforever says:

Retarded gearbox downshifts.. Lack of detail stopped me from buying this once again.


can you choose wich driver you can drive

Young Bendrick says:

what a boring sound, look at 2009 gameplay, much better sound from a v10/12

john yurkovich says:

I hope the sound from outside the car in the replays sounds better than that. The cars sound a lot more raw than that mess on the side of the track. Can’t hear no whistling of the turbo or nothing mechanical working from the side track cameras.

hooli g says:

1080p 1440p vid dude

ItaloDiscoFreak77 says:

The graphic in this game has gone from bad to worse!

Ara Qiel says:

Three wide through Stowe, so awesome.

mattphelan says:

Loving the pace of the McLaren …… If only this were true !!

Liofa says:

Trying to add two ad breaks into a 10min video? You tube only allows one per 30min video. Stop trying to be greedy.

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