F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay: HAAS F1 RACE AT RUSSIA (F1 2016 Direct Capture Gameplay)

Exclusive Direct-Feed HD F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay!
F1 2016 PS4 Grosjean’s Haas F1 at Russia Direct Feed Preview!
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Intro Song? Ongoing Thing
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)

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Jake Goodway says:

Not really liking the new t cams, can barely see the steering wheel

MossePosse says:

3:17 look at the gap

DaniltoN says:

I”ve just preorder it!!!

FaZe Hingley says:

Can u do more career mode please

林奕廷 says:

Is the motion blur option still there in settings?

King Renly Baratheon says:

So the AI are still shit?

Παύλος Γιοβανέρης says:

Can’t you show us the formation lap? or at least make a race and cause a safety car

maxiking 881 says:

The AI is so good, when you look at f12015

James McDougall says:

Please tell me u recorded Baku.

Kitti04 the gamer says:

Reanault Gameplay in Brazil?

DeMoh9251 says:

Locking tyres everywhere, my god, looks like it’s even worse than last year…! xD
And it’s especially hard for me because I got the T300 wheel with the shitty stock pedals, of which the brake pedal is even shittier! :p
Maybe time to buy some T3PA pedals… 🙂

Kozzzmozzz7 says:

Just a suggestion : could you make a video with disabled GUI & HUD stuff ? is that possible in the game? to remove the names of the drivers, the arrows that something is behind you and all that stuff.. ? I hope thats possible in this game, i like to be immersed as much possible. thanks for your content btw!

keegan forde says:

can you select to turn on/off manual starts?

HRacingGreen says:

GOD the turbo sound is annoying on this car, they really need to get rid of that.

Wesley1041 says:

Aarav, I need you have to update your FAQ section in the desc, you don’t seem to be using any assists anymore, and there’s Ultimate AI now as you know.

Dániel Holota says:

Is this the finished game?

Saffzo says:

Finishing where you started.Typical.:p

Teddy Macharia says:

Fuck I’ll do cockpit cam in f1 2016 so I can see ,y wheel the t cam is just fucked

Anthony L says:

How does manual shifting work with the shift lights? I’ve noticed that there isn’t a tachometer in these 2016 videos…

Will bentley says:

You can’t use the wing mirrors in this view 🙁

fifa fan says:

Red bull gameplay ?

chris howarth says:

I noticed there was a delta time during a safety car, is this available to use anytime in a race and qualifying?

frosty jnr6 says:

The more videos I watch the more I want it

Adeep Nayak says:

Is this on ultimate AI?

jesper thomson says:

i wanna see flat spots on the tires after you lock up

jnd99 says:

You should’ve crashed in one of the videos so we could see the damage model

iMaD EpicZ says:

you what would be cool, in career mode kvyat should be at red bull until spain and then they should swap like in real life, and u could be asked about the situation in the padock

Through The Pitlane says:

In episode #3 or #4 can you let is see the damage model? Or in a gameplay preview?

I’m not english btw

MrMarioscanal says:

how i can play that beta or demo ?

KikoGamerTV KikiBoy / KBTV says:

Can you do f1 2016 ps4 career mode please

☢ The Ale official channel ☢ says:

Can we see the podium please ;D ???

MrMarioscanal says:

where i can play the game

xXTheDarkLightXx says:

Are you gonna do a RedBull gameplay vid?

NBD ™ says:

The game is free and beta??

gellert varga says:

Real life F1 needs ai drivers like in this 🙂

Raul H says:

Gameplay with renault in spain please

Cocoa 2209 says:

McLaren and Force India should be upped in performance and Renault should be downgraded in the next patch(if there’s any)

Next Gen Gaming says:

+aarava how about the manual pit lane?

Trouble 029 says:

Hi arrava when the game comes out can you do a career in Mercedes

AS Productions says:

He actually finished in 13th and at the end the game thought he came 12th! Early glitches! 🙂

iTouchUser4Ever says:

Please drive with the offset tv cam like at the start and not with this one, it’s so shite it’s incredible

downnice says:

AI Seems to be a legit challenge this time.

pretty impressed with the game so far =)

bitskipower says:

What difficulty is this? Looks like the bad AI starts are finally gone!

Thomas Smith says:

can you do more than one career mode at the same time in f1 2016

Arie Hofland says:

Have you done a single pitstop in the recording session at all?

AdameCZECH says:

Kvyat going crazy at 3:20 😀

Your Nan says:

How do you not have 100000 subs

Dantrm says:


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