F1 2016 : MY PERFECT RACE!!! (F1 2016 Career Mode, Spain GP, Part 5)

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Let’s Play F1 2016 Part 5 and continue our F1 2016 Career Mode Gameplay with the Spanish GP. This time we qualify in the rain and have an unexpected result. I hope you guys enjoyed this F1 2016 Gameplay, if you did you can subscribe for more F1 2016 Career Mode & Gameplay!

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daniel gigs says:

has anyone else gotten a code for the warthog in FH3? it’s just about halfway through the week and i haven’t gotten one

Insert name here says:

Nick who’s your favorite f1 driver

Xploding-turtle says:

If you have the racing line on, atleast follow it.

RAZR says:

Stop yelling omfg.

Dank Lord 69 says:

Nick your name in Xbox is RabidNick613. When I add you you have 0G which is impossible and you are always offline. Do you have any other account and you forgot to update your channel description or something like that???

The hunter says:

cant wait to see you play baku ;D or monaco its gonna be so fucking funny ;D

Youri Ton says:

Love the F1 2016 series, keep them up!

GTR Aware says:

The redbull cars love the booty

The hunter says:

use your fucking mirrors and you will see them

Montero Elias says:

No, it’s not a perfect race you fucking idiot

MaxDoesGames (Rockstar Editor videos) says:

What’s your outro song?

MYEKAL says:

so he make this game sound hard so my buddy has a copy of it long story short A.I on expert is not hard. Nick just can’t drive

Pieterjan Cousserier says:

What is DRS?

James Digby says:

I love you

ThatCar Guy1010 says:

You can cut a lot of the final chicane of this track

Five JAMELLO says:

The dab 0:00

the authoritarian state to be culled says:

got an ad for a “chicken sandwich” aka a McChickin

Steve Wen says:

Nick the F1 commentator

Electricgamez says:

its verstapen not verstepen

The hunter says:

and you didnt inprove your lap with 7 sec it was 700 of a secound

gussy_rbr says:

If that was a real race Verstappen would’ve crashed into you and blamed Ferrari.

Jadenson Takyi says:

“Right behind the Banana cars!”

Aaron Moltmann says:


NavousHD says:

I live 10 mins from this place

Ben Smith says:

The high downforce tracks suit the McLaren… Spain, Monaco, Hungary, Singapore

Supremacy 98 says:

Nick imagine this,you are having a forza challenge(which you stopped fucking doing,just imagine)and Jess is playing and you won,would you say”LOSER,SUCK MY NOB!”(no idea how to spell ‘nob’)
Or even worse,imagine Raymond wins and he say”LOSER,SUCK MY NOB!”to Jess.(honestly speaking Marco,Ryan and Alan will never win and Willy died)
So yeah,that’s something to think about

jim kapass says:

Its Fettel and Ferstappen
the v=f

Cameron Matthews says:

look at the train he made


nick when forza horizon 3 comes out you should try to drift the warthog from halo

Wealthy Pepsi says:

not hard to have a perfect race when you are running all assists. pretty much takes all skill out of it

idonthavealabel says:

Turn off the guide line. Please.

Ben Smith says:

8:28. Nice dirty air!

Zachman Gaming says:

You should really turned down the difficulty because that’s why the AI are getting so far ahead and you holding up around 10 AI cars. Also it will make your races more interesting with you actually fighting for other positions not the position you have all race.

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