F1 2016 Gameplay: SINGAPORE DAY RACE

F1 2016 Gameplay: Racing around the Singapore GP Circuit during the Day!
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Thumbnails/Graphics by: https://twitter.com/TheZestyOranges

Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

Business Enquires: Tiametmarduk@hotmail.co.uk

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David Fuller says:

messes up overtake on bottas, uses flashback, repeats same move. new game same ben

The Jononator says:

I feel like the William’s have been nerfed to much

lolaroflmao says:

damn the AI snake a lot!

FerrariSpoon22 says:

I’ve been here and I can tell you know, Singapore is the best race to visit, but is very fucking hot

Jenny Huang says:

the 3 tire buying is a casino I believe

R eLeVaste says:

the background is sooo good but when it comes to pure racing I think that nightime is better


Monaco at night in heavy rain starting from the back in a Mercedes

hulksmash865 says:

What’s the day one patch supposed to fix or improve?

kelvinlee20000 says:

You have a Singapore fan here 😀

Florian Cuypers says:

Do spa at night time pls

Killershot 118 says:

I am from Singapore the 3 building is called marine bay sang known as mbs

ahudson2012 says:

One tip ive learnt about racing, in person AND in gaming. dont try to chase the guy infront. You’ll almost always take a different line if you try to chase the person infront of you, which is almost always the wrong line. Unless you try a passing line like, taking the outside in the entrance of the turn and straightening out for the exit before the driver infront you, will almost always lose on the straight. Late braking and forcing your opponent to yield will only get you so far, as Max knows. You have to pass where you gain ground which is more likely a straight after you’ve taken a better exit line on the EXIT of a turn.

Will Parkinson says:

Almost looks like Long Beach in certain sections.

Joe Nathan says:

F1 2016 spam, good god

Abel Timothy says:

i think the circuit lights should be off to make it more realistic, but it’s okay

Ninjaboy065 Ninja says:

When are u dong the give away

Ryan Chua says:


Thomas Engelhard says:


SGT EpicSpeed says:

The three tier building is Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The Ferris wheel is the Singapore Flyer.

Tonio Duran says:

después he echo un récord montando en cámara tvjjjjjjjjjjjj

Marc Reid says:

Only problem I have with this F1 games is that the AI racers don’t seem to battle and overtake each other, if at all?

Igor Rebenko says:

Fuck yeah!! Double header!!!

KSICSAVt3cSG says:

I live in Singapore and I can honestly say that it looks quite accurate

XboxOneFTW says:

ben, this year you can change the camera settings in many ways. you really should try the cockpit view with vertical offset on 1.00 and the angle on -0.05

DutchRacingLegend 13 says:

Sainz JR qualified 2nd? Seems legit

Oliver Tunnah says:

Always preferred the day look. (You get to see it in GP2) I find night races too gimmicky even 8 years on. Just wish they’d scrap them.

NN599 says:

im so baffed ? how come in the whole tyre allocation thing theres just 3 compounds SS, S and M but here theres an ultrasoft compund also in the game ?

bluabay 7 says:

Do Monaco at night

The Ginuea Pig Gaming FTW says:

bens conic building is called the Raffles hotel

Muzaffer Vedat Yeşilsancak says:

They are not racey again. They just give up their position too quick and they just go wide all the time. It was not fixed!!!

Lassmiranda Dennsiewillja says:

kann man das Game auch online spielen gegen andere Livespieler ?

Xeathy says:

I went and bought the PC Version, hoping to catch Ben and Aarava in the Online matchups. 😀

bryan sim says:

Singapore is the best city, you need to come here to experience it for yourself! im Singaporean btw

Ofitus 21 says:

I´d rather see this race durning the day than in night time. I think it looks better

george kostaras says:

this mclaren sounds great

MaJoKor says:

Can you try to get fired

Ryan Chua says:


Cristian24200 6 says:

I can do a race with traction control medium, abs off and braking assist off, manual gears driving, line on corners only and difficulty on hard

RODRImp96 says:

Honda engine sound is perfect on the game, good job Codemasters

Kippehhh says:

Anyone got a tip so i can use my G29 logitech on PC F1 2016??? it aint working!!!!

Jacqui Bungay says:

Why 3 laps

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