F1 2016 Gameplay: MONACO 100% RACE | Max Verstappen

F1 2016 Gameplay. Monaco 100% Race. Simulation Damage Legend AI
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Thumbnails/Graphics by: https://twitter.com/TheZestyOranges

Equipment I use:
Capture Card: Elgato HD60
Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia Wheel (Xbox One)
Thrustmaster T150 Racing Wheel (PS3/PS4)

Business Enquires: Tiametmarduk@hotmail.co.uk

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topografer says:

Extremely nicely made video.

Mr Sing says:

which setup did you use?

Aiden Kraal says:

ok you chosed max but your driving like a old woman (?????) why

JustYorrick says:

You really make it cool to watch these video’s!

Prof.Mokster57 says:

how does the t150 performs? in terms of the feel of the wheel (ffb and how the smooth the wheel turns)

Kozzzmozzz7 says:

you should be a commentator for F1 on television. you are that good!

GamesHD 212 says:

Do more 100% races

TheBigPlanet says:

You locked up your tyres so much this race, the game should punish that more.

ArmAMajor says:

Upload your vids in 1080p!

Kow3d says:


Pawel KPLXares says:

lol 1:20 the flag of Poland !!! Monaco is red top, white bottom codemasters noobs…

vorapong pong says:

ทำไมพวกฝรั่ง พูดอะไรกันนักหนา ไม่หายใจกันบ้างเหรอ

sophorn sao says:

they need patch for crew chief I barely can hear him at all..

Bodenlose Dosenhose says:

Why TiamEtmarduk and not TiamAtmarduk? Name already owned?

Predrag Jovanovic says:

I cant say anything about gameplay but game looks amazing. Nice graphic

LMYT says:

The Polish Grand Prix ??

Ashley Thornton says:

how the fuck can you play the full 70 laps FML

Rafael Moura says:

dont like how you go through cars involved in a accident

Butter_K3X says:

5th place

Anthony Aldous says:


ItsStreet says:

I loved the polish grand prix 😉

Erwin 1965 says:

Awesome thx

Daleio says:

nice video bro cheack out my channel i upload f1 crashes thank you sub from me

Liam Fletcher says:

stop saying “there” you fat ginger aussi muppet!

gdmclean says:

you should take over from Crofty in the commentators box

Thing Non says:

Wow! They screwed up the last chicane anyways it looks to be a good game actually

Robin dggd says:

great video !! keep it up.

gnryushi says:

Your play-by-play call is amazing. Really professional.

Nducation says:

If you want to play a great F1 online manager game, go to this link adf. ly/1eeBm1 I hope you like it!

RCMovers says:

Awesome race and great commentary on the race 🙂

DjGloRiouS HeaveN says:

Another crap F1 game

Hiro 32 says:

please give me the links to cracks version. ?

mrfranky17 says:

I was trying to see if it was worth getting F1 2016. This video convinced me. Totally worth it. I was stuck playing 2014 and he frustration level to that year is unbelievable. Love the intensity F1 games bring. It’s the only game where I’m satisfy where I’m pleased to get podium results lol. Love the shot he took at Scuderia Ferrari at the end lmao, the fact I’m I root for them stung a little lol

Kyle Martin says:

Wow, 2/3 of the way through the video but the AI is just so impressive! You could never have such great wheel-to-wheel racing in past games. Bravo Codemasters.

Enzo Maidana says:

is there any video showing just the driving and not an annoying cunt talking nonstop all over the god dam thing? jeess dude just shut up and drive!

Julien2395 says:

4:58 “there’s no room for Aarav”

Twan Smits says:

2:50 honestly, if you hit the wall with that speed you’ll probably lose a tire

sarah WOODERSON says:

I love that video Ben thanks very much

aaronsydneyniwa says:

Awesome race!


You should be a commentator for Race Department! They hold broadcasted races over Twitch. I actually stayed and watched your whole video because of the you made it.

Ninja ZXR says:

Respect….i would struggle to get through the first 3 laps with monaco lol

siddhant kadam says:

Do A full wet race at monaco.

Mohammed Dini says:

is there safety car and red flag in game cox 2015 did not

JayJay Friend says:


Igor Pacheco says:


Mikhail Gritsenko says:

omg you are annoying

BeatzZ X Monkey says:

max verstappen for the win

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