F1 2016 Gameplay: Manual Start Explained, New Penalties, Strategy Mid-Race, Virtual Safety Car

Exclusive Direct-Feed HD F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay!
F1 2016 PS4 Gameplay Direct Feed Preview!
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Video with VSC – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F88TTeOratQ

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Intro Song? Ongoing Thing
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)


Jack Munnelly says:

In career mode do the ai move teams as well, for example like alonso moves to redbull

Patrick Spence says:

I can’t wait to try the time of day editor at Singapore – Have you tried it in daylight or know what it looks like.

Formula1 Fan247 says:

Hey aarava, could you do a setup video for F1 2016 where you show setups for all tracks just like you did in F1 2015

Airyed says:

no press in the game?

ml888 says:

Will the game be available on Mac?

Hijomeatman says:

Will Co-Op Career Mode be returning?

Rogerio Godoy says:


bshepster says:

Is pro season mode still in the game?

Jean E. Marre says:

Is there a help after the formation lap to park exactly in your starting grid?

NM19 says:

What about red flags? Are they in the game?

Max Rai says:

Can we create multiple careers ?

iMaD EpicZ says:

do u know if u turn on automatic gears it is automatic starts, because i wanna play with automatic gears and manual starts

Rob Barrett says:

With the manual starts, do you need to hold the brake if the start is on a slope for example Brazil where the drivers have to keep a foot on the brakes otherwise they’ll roll backwards?

Diogo Feijó says:

In the new F1 2016, are there more mechanical issues like engines blowing out? Cheers

rahul jois says:

Is it possible to change the career difficulty settings after one or two seasons?

Jonah Hosein says:

quick question, can you do a video explaining how to get lift off oversteer on the diff

TheSw1ft MoHawk says:

if u have traction control on, will u still get wheelspin off the manual start?

MK3424 says:

Anyone else noticed that the debris get stuck on the lens is much more detailed?

Dave's Game Room says:

Do the AI get penalties and does your Race Engineer tell you about them? That was always an issue in previous F1 game was that you seemed to get Penalties (some correct and some not) and the AI never got any!

katiuscia corda says:

+aarava do you like Lewis Hamilton?

Lorenzo Pappatico says:

Will there be mechanical failures? Also, for the manual start, you only have to hold the upshift button for the clutch or first you have to push it to insert the gear and then you hold it?

TheMSw3 says:

Will there be driver changes in the career mode?
Like Wehrlein driving in a Mercedes after a couple of seasons for example.

Aaron Searle says:

“Under steers like an absolute boat” Aarava 2k16

the best explanations i’ve heard.

Lukia Bl says:

They could make the exit pit a little more realistic

DJ Sorty says:

aarava this is mod

STB Maldi says:

Are there press interviews in career mode?

Rewindz says:

What is Drag?

Rewindz says:

Can you use the Ultrasofts in the race?

Jake Birrell says:

Is there a switch to 2015 season.

Rewindz says:

Can you carry over your R&D points if you change teams?

Niano1988 says:

How good is it playable with a ps4 controller?

JakeNewman46 says:

Definitely starting my career mode at Haas with Grosjean as my teammate

Camron26 says:

Is the formation lap in multiplayer?

Liam Gilbert says:

Does your pit crew make mistakes? And is co-op back?


hey AARAVA do you think they will ever put in game commentary like the SKY F1 commentators in the game imo that would be a decent addition to add a little bit more depth or fun to the game

Luc van der Burg says:

Is there a red vlag in Q,P and races?

24gwiz says:

Can you jump start?

Jacob Reid says:

Will the AI change strategies? And will they pit at the start of the safety car because that created easy wins on old F1 games

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