Exclusive Direct-Feed HD F1 2016 Ultimate AI Gameplay!
F1 2016 Game Manor at Silverstone Direct Feed Preview!
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Intro Song? Ongoing Thing
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)


Drew Maw says:

Ai still not aggressive enough in the turns, too easily relinquishing its position to you. Bummer.

Nathan Constable says:

They really need to sort out those T-cams! The Manor is sooooo off, it is way to low!

Wais Kuba says:

at least you felt how having no downforce feels like

Muhammad Falah says:

Please play with Rio Haryanto

tuswanto adji saputro says:

would you try to play haryanto.?

Carlos Gomez says:

am i the only one who thinks it is too easy to overtake them? it looks so boring how often they open the door

Kevin Saputra says:

I hate why most youtubers and fan deemed to support Wehrlein more than Haryanto. Especially when choosing a driver , Pascal wins unfairly. Come on foreigners, don’t you discriminate Rio. In fact, if he’s in the same car, he could get a win.

rahul jois says:

Will there be safety cars even if you are playing easy or very easy career difficulty?

sutton513 says:

Why are there gear indications for the corners still on? Can you switch them off?


I really want this game it looks awesome

Diego Ochoa says:

I’m actually Considering the manor. it looks like a fun car
with a ton of predictability.

David Baker says:

what is the yellow circle on the track map?


nice driving though dude. I can’t wait for this game. 100%races here we come!!

Tim Denys says:

Aarav do you know the new curvs are gonna be in the game ?

racecrasher99 says:

Can you finally save replays?? Would be incredibly useful, especially online for league racing for those who can’t record..

giannis21ist says:

do you make video for setups aarava…? for mclaren meybe..? thanks.

willywonkadailyblah says:

Dat beezt maan aarava, intros like a fucking auctioneer XD

Norwegian Hydra says:

Hey guys, could you be part of my decision for the F1 2016 Career Mode Team?
Thanks lads!

Faishal Harahap says:

race with haryanto pls.. thanks

Tim Denys says:

Can you do a vid about the pit boards ??

Zac's Autosports says:

is there now a way go actually use the switches on the thrust masters f1 wheel to change fuel and brake balance?

posive production says:


Milka 97 says:

This Manor is like an absolute bus…

Sonny Contat says:

We can only see the current gear, speed and position on the screen of the steering wheel? Can we choose what we want to see ?

McrUk says:

Refreshing seeing a manor engaging in battles that a manor would actually be in. Last years game you would have gained 10 places by the second lap and we’d be watching you battle with the front runners in this car. Very nice change to the game

r250c says:

How do you get the green LED’s to light up on your steering wheel?

DEMON Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank says:

Looks at title and reads no assists. Watches video and sees assists…

Aiden Kempf says:

@Aarva You need to be more aggressive make thos Ais move

Victor Mgbeike says:

You should be able to remove your visor covering in the pit lane like they do in real life

Dalton Johns says:

Can you do a race as in a mclaren Honda please

luke trafford says:

In career can other drivers move teams?!?

Павѣл Гѣоргиѣв says:

does the game will work with Windows 10

samudra dei says:


James Beil says:

The Manor looks like a real handful to drive – you can see how much you’re struggling for grip at the rear. A candidate for a Road to Glory series again?

Aedric Prince says:

Seen more overtakes in these 3 laps than in the full hungarian gran prix.

Patrick Cramer says:

Is now possible to adjust the volume of opponents engine sound, especially when you are in the on-board camera? It is ridiculously annoying when you have other cars close to you and you badly can hear your engine due to the others. It’s not realistic at all! Please tell me they’ve solved this!

Nick Bazuin says:

i can`t decide what team to pick in f1 2016 career mode so i made a strawpoll and i hoped you guys could vote and help me out 🙂


jesse rowland says:

By the looks, im guessing the AI are not superquick down straight like in F1 2015?

RaceJared23 says:

Suggested Gear counts as an assist XD
Good racing tho 🙂

jtfe says:

pls vote for my starting team in F1 2016

firdian nugraha says:

your skill is betrer than haryanto LOL

Tomy LEE says:

haha mirror covered by hud

Kanav Aggarwal says:

Which team should I choose for my career mode?

Brothers of Gaming says:

35 dislikes? WHY? TELL ME! WHY?

Emma LEDs says:


ReXzz says:

no assissts…but gear suggestions ?! wtf

ClassOnGrass HD says:

seems like they’ve really improved the quality of the wing mirrors on this game also!!

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