F1 2016 Gameplay: German Grand Prix Hockenheim

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AmiGo_ MunJyZ says:

great podium finish mate just great super excellent

Michael Withstand says:

Can this game be played with keyboard? F1 2012 and 2013 are playable with keyboard. Rather decently. F1 2014 suffers from understeer when played with keyboard but it’s not too bad.

Jason Daniell says:

this looks like the W06, not the W07 which confuses me dearly. I just thought there was a dip on the “hood” of the car.


mhm illegal overtakes still broken. thats a bummer

keegan forde says:

oh their putting drys on!!!!

Jordan James says:

Do another one!

MegaJK97 says:

Could you please do career mode with Grosjean? He’s my idol ^-^

Harry Moss says:

+xMattyG1 will you be doing the YouTuber championship on f1 2016?

Filip H says:

Why do we never have an f1 game where we have full control of everything in the car? like in real life? Formation lap, going into the starting grid, manual starts, pit entry, inside the pit lane, pit exit, after the race, and so on? like why are we being restricted?

JayFerGaming says:

That was a fantastic race! So many variables to make longer races more exciting. Great stuff!

William Nash says:

did you try doing a mid session save

JustinWdn11 says:

which controller is more sensitive for throttle and brakes? ps4 or xbox one? pls respond 🙂 thx

krazyteeth says:

I was this video with much excitement because the racing coupled with the brilliant commentary. For the video to end like that … any way very goodnracing overall lilenyour strategy calls you take risks that is what it is all about and what it takes to win. All best and keep up the good job

Joshua Harper says:

AI looks so slow

Jamie Ngo says:

Mclaren-Honda holding off a Mercedes. Tiny bit embarrasing

TheObogo says:

Why don’t you Ultimate from second?

Mazed Suhaimi says:

Your German GP is more exciting than real F1

Jordan James says:

AI needs a bit of work for the real game

Fenrir 97 says:

Loving all the vids matt, is it just me or has davidson done a better job for this game?

SillySinStorm says:

Fantastic video and commentary (nice driving too). Is it easy enough to modulate the throttle using the triggers? Subbed.

Jake Gladman says:

100th comment

Adriaan La Cock says:

jesus stop talking so much

Jane Craske says:

Hi Matt on lap 6 when you hit wehrlein in the stadium section

That is what actually happens when you push someone simply cause of weight transfer they have no rear weight cause it’s all on the front of your car causing under steer on your car also causing theirs to under steer as well

Keep Making these great videos and congrats on the ultimate ai win in career mode

Mahmoud taleb says:

On a ps4 version, is it necessary to have internet connection for the career mode?


Wet AOR races are gonna be absolute carnage.

TheMaroon47 says:

We are xMattyG. We are Lewis Hamilton. And we blame the engineer for making simple mistakes.

Nico RosbergFan says:

The stadium section is actually called Motodrom

Bob Barker says:

Game to hard for casual gamers i played for 5 days and came in last every race

Keaos0 says:

Are you talking while you’re actually driving?

Daniel Harris says:

Great vid mate as always, such a shame about the game freezing, can’t wait for F1 2016 and some more great content, keep it up.

Olarte Miguel says:

great great content, keep it up!!!!

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