Exclusive Direct-Feed HD F1 2016 Mclaren Race Gameplay!
F1 2016 Game 50% Race in a Mclaren Direct Feed Preview!
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Intro Song? Ongoing Thing
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren (Whatever team Jenson is at)
Favourite Driver? Button
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)


sarah WOODERSON says:

play Hamilton retiring

Maxwellus says:

+aarava do you have the game files?

Geert de Vries says:

Will there be modding in F1 2016 like f1 2012-2014??? 😀

Darryl Linington says:

Your commentary is legit dude… love it!!!

DMP 13 Gamer says:

Is it me or is ferrari look faster than mercades?

slyspartan700 says:

another thing …i wish they would put a Chewcable Square in options for REAL LIFE LIVERY wich would require a mature account to activate … because the Mclaren looks plain without all the sponsors !

Dyr_gl PSN says:

Wonders if Codies might have improved the curbs > arrives to 2:00 > leaves this comment > closes the video

Mark Kearon says:

Awesome video man, Loved that undercut on Massa with Bottas going into the hairpin!

MrCrafty says:

is it so difficult to programme a proper pitbox entry ffs?

Phillip Nunes says:

Can anyone recommend a good steering wheel for the PS4?

Hans Glock says:

Is the pit animation gonna be fixed? What the hell is this…

SupaKawazu says:

LOL the mechanics didn’t take you off the jack after changing the tyres. It should drop you and make the suspension bounce like it does in real life

Japawen Oncen says:

Kimi is happy at the podium. This game is not real

Arthur Salvador says:

“The feeling of the car felt really nice”
RIP english

Stormtrooper P13 says:

is also red flag back in the game?

Jean E. Marre says:

Hi! Is the OSD also available if you use the cam behind the car?

Alpollo-00- says:

@aarava can we change again audio and text seperetely? english audio, german text?

Wrong Wrong says:

triple monitor support?

Nico RosbergFan says:

The stadium section is actually called Motodrom

Brad4747474747 says:

you should do a Survive video on this track!

Bernardo Viana says:

Nice race mate!!
Greetings from Portugal

Diego Sr says:

good video mate!!!!
maybe it is me, but i’ve seen the IA softer than f1 2015.

what do you think?

antonio celso says:

Aarava you have to say to Condemasters that the IA até not good at all. When you start the race, all of them wasn’t doing a real simulation of a F1 driver(Watch the curve 2 and 3). Answer me If you didn’t understand what I’m trying to say.

71lupenzo710 says:

stop the mouth!

Riccardo Ghiani says:

15:09 it isn’t realistic, Kimi doesn’t waste that champagne

Kecske Gamer says:

fuck in this game carrer mode implementation looks like the f1 2010

SupaKawazu says:

awesome video!!!!

victoraochoa says:

why everyone races with the TV camera girl mode?

thehair2610 says:

Anyone else see Palmer’s livery get scratched at 2:35? Details…

Milan Pit says:

You know it’s a game when Kimi overtakes Verstappen

Isaac Frost says:

Too easy to overtake AI as usual.

WinterFreSh00 says:

guy sounds like an actual commentator

Agustin Re says:

the pit stop sucks!

STB Maldi says:

Will formation laps be in online?

SiouplaitMerci says:

Shit graphisms, F1 games hasnt evolved since GP4 cz shit nvidia

Peter Schwandes says:

the grafic is Perfect

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