F1 2016 Gameplay China Kimi Raikkonen 3 Lap Race

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Fleshk says:

Does the tyres pickup rubber from the ground and such in F1 2016?

ZimmerFrameHero says:

T Cam: Awful but not the end of the world, HUD Covering the right Mirror: ridiculous I don’t know why they’ve done that, might aswell not bothering having mirrors, The car sounds: again awful, a step backwards in my opinion, no turbo sounds, downshifts are the worst, if you listen to real on board footage and the on board footage in the game it sounds nothing a like, I don’t understand how Modders on the PC can make realistic sounds on cars in other games and codemasters can’t, indeed there are improvements and I appreciate the effort but these small things I feel will let the game down, the sounds are what really bugs me the most, and they won’t change as this footage is pretty much what the full game will look and sound like

Solo en casa says:

i really like the new display

Howie Au says:

Traction control and ABS confirmed

grassi ghassen says:

horrible driving….

harshlens says:

It looks good, I hope it feels good in the gameplay. Can’t wait to see it in 4k.

I see one major negative, the speed sensitivity is too high… I hope we can toggle this option. For people who don’t know: speed sensitivity is the faster you go, the less angle of steering you got (which is stupid… and I hate it).

Bence Fehér says:

What do you think of this stupid T-cam?

T_Eighteen says:

unlike previous F1 games, is there a higher chance of a mechanical failure? its a feature that has been missing from Codemasters F1 games since day dot. when i say mechanical Failure, i dont mean just the engines either, i mean everything from Engine to Tyres, Suspension and other stuff. The only thing that did go wrong in Codemasters F1 games was the loss of Kers, ERS and DRS. just wondering if they have added that in…

Campbell Logan says:

Ive been looking for videos of this stuff, only you, aarav and matt have uploaded so thank you! I’m really excited for the game

chris martin says:

is the damage better this year?

Joe Longbotham says:

Good game but the player sucks

JarrieGamesNl says:

Can you use more than one tyre in TimeTrail

Jay Ryan says:

Kimi always happy..

Sneaky1ne says:


Attila Gyarmati says:

Oh my god WTF is this graphic for pilots. Kimi is like a KID not the real KIMI -.- Bad Game XDDDDDDDD
But the gameplay is good only pilots still unreal.

Alfonce K. Love says:

If they don’t fix the steering wheel distance from the driver, I’ll use offset T-cam, check out Aarav’s race at Silverstone with that cam angle.

F1randokalbus22 says:

I wanna ask something about f1 2016 game : Will you finally win the aor Championship?

Nayan Gopal says:

we cant see the steering wheel!!….is it same on all cars???….i wud love the steering wheel in the onboard cam(tv pod)

PandyTim BR says:

Is the rear wing still undestructible?

Sparkie raven says:

WTF!?!?! that looks soo much different to 2015

xMPx Halomaniac says:

will you upgrade your capture card?

Nico RosbergFan says:

Can you damage your tyres by running over debris?

MrBenji says:

I dont like the RPM thingy right under i prefer the 2015 RPM thingy can you change that in the game?

Adrian De Souza Freitas says:

Is there any mod like this for 2014?

Joseph Ringrose says:

2 things how often do the vac and the sc come out and do the ai crash with each other

man of metal says:

graphics are not good

XboxOneFTW says:

i would like a smaller helmet, so i can see the wheel, but its not a game breaker if its not going to change

tvwatcher90 says:

kinda stupid question
whats your actuall name?

tvwatcher90 says:

dont tell me this is legend AI

Brenton Ryan says:

Do you know if there is splitscreen?

cscstefan says:

the new cam is so bad.why bother introduce it into the game?leave it as is was, and focus on more important matters…

JayFerGaming says:

Kimi smiling on the podium, not realistic!
But in all seriousness this looks awesome 😀

Veqsa says:

I think the cars and especially tyres look too shiny. But overally decent

astevo 1989 says:

so good to see with 3 games of the current f1 rules they still haven’t implemented anything to do with charging and deploying the hybrid systems! So the key aspect of modern f1 isn’t even in the game! But look we can change the start times of the races ffs!! How is it possible that they didn’t think about this?

Luca Benj says:

When you’ve been at Codemasters, have you ever known David Greco? In addition, are You faster than him?

Vinícius Anacleto says:

Is it right to say twenty sixteen? I mean, i learn the right way to say is two thousand sixteen, i live in Brazil, anyway. Nice video as always, i can’t wait for play F1 2016

Brent Quanten says:

I don’t like it that you can’t see the steering wheel

Pascual Ventura says:

I’m not a fan of the graphics, it looks extremely grassy

Clint H says:

Will there be a split screen?

captainbenfield says:

hey, do the cars sound loud in this? As in formula 1 at the moment there is a massive issue I’ve heard about the cars not sounding loud enough!
thanks Mclaren Phil

Keith Garcia says:

Idk why but I liked F1 2015’s Circular rev hud better than this one. They should’ve kept that one and included the throttle and braking input

Namiad Nav red law says:

Can u play f1 2016 on pc with ps4 controller?

Zamboni says:

still dont have a proper Kimi 1st place celebration… jesus cmon just let him have a drink and keep his normal face

Dai X says:

Love the look of the game, but really disappointed that the steering wheel display has not changed being a cockpit / hud off guy.   Had fantasies since Bahrain that this game would make it look cool and be a little more useful.   Cheers for the vid, enjoy quali..

iiComment13 says:

The time of day editor is good but I feel it could be pointless! (Well for the likes of short race weekends and multiplayer). Everything looks so much smoother, I just hope that multiplayer can hold 22 people and the safety car, vsc and all the new manual additions work well!

Z Suplex City Z says:

The game needs more colour imo

Galvanic GameR says:

Can you subscribe to me tho JD?

Prashanth C says:

:’-(…….gotta learn how to drive all over again.

Djula 1980 says:

I hope they will add more suport for gamepads!!

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