F1 2016 Gameplay: European Grand Prix Azerbaijan Baku
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Capture Card: Elgato HD60
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Raqim Aliev says:


Sophie Thomas says:

Do the red bull on last to first on Belgium

Randi Orton says:

wtf haryanto p10

maxiking 881 says:

Naa… Its a city course… I think when you race at China for example, there wont be so much crashs or safety cars

Nightwing Caliber says:

9:29 Ben pulls a Mika Hakkien style overtake

Xeyal Quliyev says:


Rubbbie says:


It's Toby says:

Do a challenge vid. A 100% race around Baku in the night

It's Toby says:

3:15 I think you’ll finish p7

Christian Bright says:


dallek Ext says:

youve got to be more aggresive when passing

Heidi Woll says:

Ben your engineers name is Jeff

W2S FanClub says:

I agree

Dylan -4-2 says:

Bro Azerbaijan is so hard

alvarokas says:

17:30 divebombing Gutierrez is way too risky XD

George Day says:

I think code masters is taking the mic cause they have so many different difficulties I was just happy with f1 2014 when it only had very easy easy Meadiem hard and very hard when in 2016 thay add I think 4 more difficulties

chris selfe says:

Hello. Maybe u can help me as I can’t seem to find the info anywhere on the Internet.
Can u change the FOV and does f1 2016 suffer from stuttering frame rates in cockpit view like 2015 did? These r both clinchers for me.

dallek Ext says:

it doent take 23min for a full race

Stephen Thornber says:

Those driver name-tags are really annoying.. can you turn them off?

GT 04 says:

massa crashed

amir mubarak says:

U might come 5th

amir mubarak says:

Hamzah. KassamWe’ll don but u came 7th but u did well to hold of rosberg

Karting Life 54 says:

Do it online

Boby Kim says:

Nice gameplay video! I can imagine that people who love F1 and are into console gaming will have the time of their life with this title.
Personaly i will skip this title as it is too static for me as PC simracer (rF2, AMS). It seems that CM does everything to make the game appealing with unrealistic actions while F1 can be boring as hell (look at the BAKU race this year).

Xlutooo says:

The graphics are disappointing 🙁

TheGameEngine HD says:

Last or 21st

TiluxHD says:

if it would be a 100 percent race ur vid wouldnt have onyl 23 minutes cause my races like 50minutes or longer(wich track…)

JUminator says:

on turn 8 the only one who fucked up in my career was me when i lapped someone and hugged the right wall

Adam Wilson says:

Currently in my third race of a 100% race season been good couple of rounds so far that simulation damage can make things interesting. Very tactical too.

Bram says:

Are u playing te game with a Racing wheel or controller ?

Super Student Program says:


Exprit15 says:

Do A 100% Race In Melbourne Driving As Daniel Ricciardo. Race In F1 2016

james makes vids says:

shall I do a let’s play on this game? just reply “yes” or “no”

LeoTarinha says:

114 noobs.

S N says:

Why the graphics look like shit lol

Ewout Storm says:

Witch wich assists do you play?

Darkcreeper55 says:

turn 8 at baku…. me + lewis + rosberg + kimi + bottas glogged that corner… NO RED FLAGS

Søren Martin Larsen says:

re kkise agofd

Ryan C says:

First time viewer, great video dude really enjoyed it.

John Smith says:

Hey mate; can’t wait looks great! I’ve subbed. Just have a few questions about the race starts. In the other F1 games to get the best most consistent start you just maxed the RPM.. The car would bog down at anything less. In this game you pull the clutch (hold button) but:
1) Is it a case of maximum RPM before dropping the clutch? Or do you have to modulate the gas based on traction available? E.g 75% gas at some circuits… less gas for slippier starts? It seems obvious but in every other game maximum power was always the best way to go.
2) I plan on going straight into the career at max difficulty and practising a lot. Is it possible within the game to do practice starts in a race weekend or is the formation lap your only chance?
3) When going from 0MPH do you always have to engage the clutch or is that mechanic only for the race start?
4) Can you place rubber down from spinning your wheels in your grid box?
Cheers! The clutch start mechanic is something I’ve always wanted. Having control over your start is great – I just hope it’s possible to get into the habbit of nailing starts with no wheelspin by knowing the amount of traction (will take some time at each circuit). I’m worried it’ll just be a case of pull the clutch & floor the car to get off the line quickest. Cheers mate!

Ferid SAY Play says:


ladysaurus73 says:


Anthony Aldous says:


Pk New Changes says:

How is it possible european circuit in asia. See how corrupt with money you can get everything!

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