F1 2016 Game: New Race-Menu Explained – Blowing Up My Engine

Exclusive Direct-Feed HD F1 2016 Gameplay!
F1 2016 Gameplay Engine Blow Up & Race Menus Preview!
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Intro Song? Ongoing Thing
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)


Muammar Gibran says:

It does feel odd seeing a force india or williams without the alcohol sponsors

CraftingExpertDE says:

Please pick my team, would be great 😀

Zach Marusiç says:

“Luke, who does a lot of stuff with Jeff” Well maybe thats why he’s telling us more now.

Lone Wolf12 says:

cockpit cam. can i get some views from that camera angle please?

jr7693 says:

You could blow up ur engine in f1 2015 wtf

Luca Den Hartog says:

is there going to be gp2 and gp3 like motogp does?

Pascal H says:

Really nice menu ! 😀
With the old one i screwed it up, too. Nearly every third race i got the wrong tires.
And finally the information is back, which position you maybe get after the pitstop. That was missing in F1 2015.
The only sad thing for me: i get the XBox-Kinect around 2 weeks after release 🙁

I know my english is not rly good, but i hope everyone understand it xD

Mr Portox31 says:

are we can break the engine without cause as you do in the video ?

PhoenixGamer59 says:

This is probably a stupid question, but how do you actually access that menu on the side, like is it the same as in previous games?

Jamie Bond says:

I’m using a forza edition xbox and it comes with an AUX port on the controller and I want to use voice command but it won’t allow me because it’s not kinect??? why won’t then allow it if they make these kind of controllers in the first place?? seriously needs too be fixed.

Reflex Gaming says:

Congrats on 100k subscribers

Petr Novak says:

Is in F1 2016 pit board ?

Nikolai van den Dungen says:

How does it go with max verstappen in the career? will he go to red bull racing mid-season?

Flakey Nutta says:

in the race, what is that number next to the tyre on the top left?

Nathaniel McKechnie says:

will the crew cheif menu stay up for longer like the old fuel mix and tyre menu instead of being up for half a second then vanishing i hated that so i never used it on 2015

Ginger Knight says:

My Triple screen has put these menus on the far left and far right of my side screens, nightmare!!!

Nick Jauncey says:

Is there going to be a predicted weekend weather forecast like in previous version?. In 2015 it only told yo what the forecast was for the session you were on.

JustinWdn11 says:

guys anyone please respond im planning on getting a ps4 or xbox one for this game. which one is more sensitive for throttle and brakes? which controller is more sensitive? please respond to me asap please!!! ty ty ty

chris dawes Dawes says:

wheel teatheres do all wheels have them

William Nash says:

can you do burn outs on the formation lap

Jelle Den Hartog says:

how does it work when you get 1st driver, can you choose the 2nd driver then?
and when you go to the next season can you choose the other driver as your teammate??

PhoenixGamer59 says:

This is probably a stupid question, but how do you actually access that menu on the side, like is it the same as in previous games?

123456burton says:

race stragetery, would be good know how this works when it comes up on the radio, how do you accept etc and what do they say

Adam Flynn says:

are there practice sessions in online lobbies this year?

Juul Thijssen says:

Cheers Jeff

Douglas Williams says:

how do i get picked up by another team

BloxxerCreeperDTC says:

leave me alone Jeff, i know what i’m doing!

calypsodigital says:

Is it VR compatible? I hope I will be able to use my oculus

Ντίνος Βαρζακάκος says:

On the new xbox one update you can talk to cortana via the headset so i cant see why they wouldnt allow voice commands to jeff in the game

AnonymGamerpro3 says:

There was an easter egg in f1 2015
If you say “leave me alone” or in german “lass mich in ruhe” jeff will also shut up
And if you want him to talk ( i think ) you should say “give me informations” or in german “gib mir anweisungen”
I hope i could help you

Skills HD says:

Please help me out to chose My team http://www.strawpoll.me/10881176 Thanks and Chears

ya says:

can someone please explain me better the brake bias and the diferencial? Like, if I put the differential on 100% will it give me better traction in all corners? Should I allways run with the brake bias high (let’s say 60%) and only change it back when I experience lock ups? And what do these settings do to tyre wear?

Robbie H says:

Are there red flags this year?

Knuckism says:

What version did you play console or pc ? the anti aliasing looks shit tbh.

///MPOWER 9 says:

Is there braking saturation to make braking more sensitive?

schumifan78 says:

Is there any speed trap data available in the game?

Alvaro martinez says:

11:24 i think rear tyres temperature is too low

Nils Wilbert says:

Doing a Kimi on your engineer, nice.

Tristan Permingeat says:

Hi aarava ! I love your videos but I have a question about F1 2016 : it will be , in a quick race , the possibility to play with a friend with the local multplayer ?

Gabriel Berger says:

Also, can you show a full formation lap? I’m not yet subscribed so youmay already have some one, but I’m intrigued as to whether it does actually give you an advantage to do one or not.

Klüppel says:

No Smirnoff in force india, no martini in willians and no chandon in mclaren… gj codermasters

Erik Nilsen Aamot says:

great stuff 🙂

Douglas Williams says:

how do i blow up my own engine in f12016

Charlie Brown2005 says:

What does ‘box this lap’ do in spatres

Daniel Komarynskyy says:

I get you don’t use the controller but do you know if the motion sense controls will work on ps4?

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