F1 2015 Gameplay – THE NEW MEXICO GRAND PRIX – PS4 60 FPS Gameplay & Replay

Exclusive Look at some PS4 F1 2015 Gameplay (From the Latest Build) – Toro Rosso Mexico Grand Prix PS4 Gameplay – My First Race On F1 2015

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redrobiin says:

How about some pit stops eh

lamboman68 says:

They have ruined the sound

テオドル says:

so.. it comes in the uk AND europe. can you please tell me where the uk is?

Arthur Yagami says:

Scott you definitely race in real life!!!

Bird Person says:

Looks weird

Seniku Moonjewel says:

No career mode.. no buy

AM99 says:

Where are the 2014 cars and drivers. Codie’s said that was going to be a feature this year

Vincetagram says:

Why choose max verstappen, he caused a crash like a douche and didnt apologize back in monaco gp this year

snoW Man says:

i would go with mercedes team the hole time 🙂

The Count MonteCristo says:

thanks for the efforts

The_BenJman says:

Its missing the whistling brake sound 🙁

Go Bogies Go says:

Guaranteed that’s not Scott driving!

Fark Googol says:

It’s great that they’ve finally got trackside replays but unfortunately the cars’ movement looks completely fake.  It’s like there’s nowhere near enough data being recorded for the replays and the car just float along.

MrEdgarcod says:

Where are the MANOR?

FlightSimDev says:

And don’t play it in kiddy mode.. automatic gears, auto brakes etc

Akos says:

The problem with the new F1 games is that nothin ever happens… If I dont spin out an ai there will be no crashes no fights no nothing

Teh Frosty says:

pray to god that they don´t go in and remove the nose on the Toro Rosso and replace it with the new one

WF says:

In the career mode can you create your own character or do you have to use a professional?

Ville Rautanen says:

There should be good statistics to player..

I mean how many poles,wins and so on..

TheProGurkan says:

Can you Do a career mode plzz

Tom Smith says:

A career mode is a must!

zakwan10 says:

The problem as a casual gamer in the past I have found F1 games extremely unforgiving and difficult.

MrPillsbury310 says:

Yea VIVA MEXICO can wait to play

Mr.G95 says:

It’s good to see the AI battling with each other whether they’ll battle that hard with the player or not is yet to be seen but I like the look of this F1 game and I haven’t said that since F1 2010.

Vincetagram says:

Of course #teamLH won

F1 2016 Season Build Up & News! says:

Is there a safety car?

SabzilaTV says:

Looks like they all use the same dentist lol

Vicente lerdo says:

This track looks exactly as it is !

Jack Ryan says:

No ! He dont play with a gamepad ! That is imposible !

euan mckenna says:

Do a season with romain grosjaen

Jono Nicholls says:

F1 is lost, if the start of the first lap is a procession in the game then how could we expect a real race to be exciting.

TheNIDAN17 says:

What was up with Nico’s face on the podium? It looked nothing like him

Vincetagram says:

Wow a racing sim game that feels fast paced, i feel like a lot of ecent racing sim games these days feel slow

Jack Ryan says:

Is it posible to play F1 2015 with a Gamepad?

Matrix Guy says:

this or project cars?

Aron Bell says:

Verstappen: underage drinking on the podium!!

Go Bogies Go says:

can see the track designers used some of the best corners in F1 for this track!
Turn 1,2,3 remind me of Singapore’s turn 1,2,3.  Turn 4,5 looks like Monza’s turn 4, 5 only slightly wider!  Turn 6 reminds me of the multi apex turns of Istanbul.  The ‘esses’ that follow, turns 7-10 look like Silverstone’s Maggotts, Becketts & Chaple.  The two turns after look like they were inspired by Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina’s turns 8,9.. lol

Iván Nieto Álvarez 1991 says:

death tilke death

José Gajardo says:

I play with the controller… how much different is an steering wheel?

ben kh says:

Good vid man

The Count MonteCristo says:

i’ve been using ps3 2006 f1 because the whole ecitions were not fine starting from 2011-2013 now wanna see if it’s ok through you trial then i can purchase ps4 and the f1 2015 along ,the older editions were disappointing

gazzman Holeček says:

No formation lap ?????

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