F1 2015 Gameplay Mexico Race: Lewis Hamilton

F1 2015 Game – Mexico Race: Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
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borobengal says:

Dirt 3 was the last classic by Codemasters.  The best F1 was 2013.

Adam Bradley says:

You can’t drive…. At all. Get better before you make videos.

F12010Team says:

admit it ben u used flashback!

glenn12339 says:

Why not using Racing line? So you can learn the track ? 🙂

Usman Arshad says:

6:36 lol at the sound u make haha

Andrian Iurii says:

Ben ,remember you need to do Monaco 100% ,as you done on previous F1 games!

Joe Campbell says:

The AI are actually really impressive on this game

Ollie Sanderson says:


Strider says:

Carlos Sainz’s surname is pronounced ‘SIGNS’!

Brandon Dollar says:

Dude you never know, maybe Stevens brought his A-game in Mexico.

(for the record I couldn’t even type that with a straight face)

RedKeyF1 says:

I have f1 2015 on ps4 tiamerduk what do you play f1 2015 on?

Tom Lawley says:

Why do you shift up through the gears to quickly? You don’t even get close to the rev limiter…

The Hays says:

Everyone went into my pit box

Peter Warchol says:

This game isn’t for PS3 gg :/

Bryan Usrey says:

Is the AI just hard on this or OP? In 2014, their grip was insane and that it tough in some places, but you could still win. Here, they seem to have better grip, better top speed and they are fucking fast.

George-Elio Ghantous says:

I still do not get what those large green circles on the mini map are… Anyone know of what significance they serve?

Jari Merlijn says:

The slipstreem is indeed to effective. Hamilton was in front of me and had DRS but somehow i overtook him because the slipstreem is too effective. I drove a Ferrari and the difficulty was on expert so the slipstreem is too effective i think.

Giulio Piedade says:

I’ve read on reddit, that the game is really bad, has bugs, crashes and hasnt next gen graphics… Disappointed, but I’ll always be a formula 1 fan!!

Madglide says:

Damn you’re bad at this game…

tony cabj says:

can you rise the engine sound?

Cameron Merz says:

Rip Jules

Klooney says:

Is it just me or does this track look like it would be twice as good in reverse.

None of those stupid slow down a little bit to make the corner exit but instead making it flowing as you speed up. Especially the last half of the track and the stadium section.

shredderkrang says:

If you say Carlos “Saints” anymore going to kill myself. It isn’t pronounced “Saints” in any language. It’s as bad as Alan Jones calling Jacques Villeneuve “Jacks Villa-Nerve”

derpyblobfish gaming says:

do u use a wheel?

makani18 says:

You are not supposed to hold down the throttle at the start, keep it at the early red part and then hold down the throttle when it goes lights out

Kuma Kaori says:

My takeaway from this race, is that you cant absolutely murder a field starting from the back of the grid. (at least at 25%…) nice to see the ai improvement :D.

Foot Expert11 says:

In my career mode the Marussia aren’t in it is this normal?

Cameron Johnson says:

I do believe the AI do have different setups in f1 2015

EthyHunt2942 says:

I was gunna say before you said you had default setups on “your setups must be shit”

Scott Bennett says:

What wheel are you using, Ben?

pol espadale aguilera says:

i think that everybody wanna prefer listen the car that your voice

Holypotato JD says:

i get the same feeling on the straights, by the end of the straights they just fly past

Robbo says:

wow this game looks terrible

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