Escape From Tarkov 112 Minutes of Gameplay (Upcoming PC FPS/TPS MMO Survival Game)

This is close to 2 hours (1 Hour 52 Minutes) of Gameplay from ESCAPE FROM TARKOV for the PC and possibly later on for the PS4 and Xbox One. This includes online gameplay and single player missions gameplay! Have you had the chance to checkout Escape from Tarkov for the PC? If so, what do you think of it so far? Comment your thoughts on Escape From Tarkov for PC and possibly PS4 and Xbox One! Escape from Tarkov is expected to launch sometime in 2016.

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Escape from Tarkov is an upcoming massive multiplayer online combat simulator with RPG elements, promising a story-driven fighting experience, set in the fictional Norvinsk region on the frontier between Russia and Europe. Sealed from the world following a major political scandal, Norvinsk is a war zone, torn apart by rival scavenger gang, private military forces, and black operations units. And between them all there’s you, your rifle, and a world ripe for the picking.

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pumuckel378 says:

Question to the Alpha players. What are u doing all the time? What is the goal? What are u doing when ur not running around? Okay there is big focus on Weapons and Weapon Modifikations, check. Do u have a Base a Home? Can other Players raid it?

Jesse Bensen says:

are these npc’s that he is killing or other real players?

Cheekypok says:

Its amazing how this game was based of a browser based game

Ilya Light says:

ММО шутер бы с этого всего сделали =) как онлайн вариант

[KGB] Grom says:

Слишком резво двигается персонаж, надо бы внести функцию убирать оружие/опускать, ибо это фишка шутеровская уже надоела, а так в общем прикольный проект) Лайк

hi says:

The aiming and gun sounds are great. Graphics are good too i really hope this game turns out good.

KojoKojo says:

ak is 5.45 and not 7.62? :Oo

George KMR says:

Let the Game not be Downgraded at the release…

Akib Lodhi says:

watch in 144p for true slav experience

FishTaco Supreme says:

11:15:00 looks straight out of DayZ (but good)

Neighbor Vadim says:

Wow every top comment is bashing this game, when I just see a very good blend of FPS and survival game, better than anything before, which will most likely be a lot less boring than DayZ. All these tiny mechanics seems to be extremely well carried out, like the opening of individual drawers, and this is just and alpha and it isn’t even a big studio that made this… Like cmon, at least appreciate that fact.

BattoN™ says:

Looks epic <3 I'm waiting for realase

EL Dead Pool says:


alex game says:

Its like a easyer dayz

Bandit Games says:

In this survival game is there eating or drinking?

Przemyslaw Jaworowski says:

when does this game come out

LunaBeat5 says:

boring game ever.

Its Nick Tha Beast Bruh says:

no its arma and dayz kinda with a lil cod

Gavin Johnson says:

please answer my i want to play this game but am not sure if it has pvp involved i play rust and im looking for a new game just like rust that way better and has ton more to it without dealing with massive clans please let me know how pvp in this work or is it all ai based. encounter and so on. all gameplay video seem to be focused on the loot and most seem to be ai since i expect noone to go 1 or 2 hours in a suvival game without dying. special one that is new.

koophuisN says:

minecraft UHC is more interesting

Cheesytwist says:

i havent played it yet but from videos i think it is an amazing game, the graphics are good sounds are good and its overall relly cool, and i dont really like other games like cod or Battle field so that says a lot

luissito 164 says:


Cheeki Breeki says:

Cheeki breeki

lasse paustian says:

his thumb is massive when he is holding the shotgun

1800000 o views says:

how to install any guide plz

Candido D'Acquisto says:

Also I wonder if you can’t go into the “prone” position. I actually haven’t seen anybody crawl in any of the footage. Especially at parts where it would be wise to. It’d be strange not to have that in the game.

Zach Stewart says:

this game is going to be a infestation: survivor stories if they dont put a dope anti cheat on

George KMR says:

High Aliasing on top of this Gun.

OrthodoxGod says:

So basically this is an MMO S.T.A.L.K.E.R., if S.T.A.L.K.E.R. was kinda mediocre, lacked tension and had a more….”arcade” feel to it.
Shit, Im game, hope it doesnt suck ass when it comes out. hehe

6-011101 says:

think they will add a big open world map with vehicles and all that? that would be fucking dope man.

Big Guy says:

This game looks great. Hopefully it doesn’t tank like the rest! It would be nice if they gave us a release date.


are there any enemies beside other players

Quardox says:

graphic sound gunplay great, but it needs a great single player story cmpaign or an amazing open world multiplayer to be good. Just this is not enough

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