EPIC NEW CITY BUILDING GAME – Ancient Cities Gameplay

EPIC NEW CITY BUILDING GAME – Ancient Cities Gameplay – Hey guys! This is a quick announcment video about a new city building game. Called Ancient Cities. Their KickStarter Campaign is almost over! So check it out!!! Thanks for watching 😀

KICKSTARTER LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uncasualgames/ancient-cities

HeadTalker Link: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/ancient-cities-kickstarter/

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Neme$i$ says:

Damn i would love to play this game.

David Young says:

Looks unreal, can’t wait

SoNemesis says:

Lets just hope that this doesn’t turn out to be another… What’s it called? The trash one… Ahhhhh. No Man’s Sky

Napoleon I Bonaparte says:

I want to see warfare in this

smonkey001 says:

Remind me of Black & White and Populous . Let’s hope they success.

Gaming and crafts with Archer jones says:

I want this I really really really really really want this

Eddie Fabiano says:

I saw a few vids of this game lingering on youtube and was like, “Okay, maybe i’ll see what this is a bit later.” I go on PA and see this and am like, “Alright, i need to see what this game is about” and now I’m trying to scrounge up some money to fund it.

Samurai Of memes says:

question? can you get with friends and have your people collab?

BlazeDash 360 says:

Please upload more third age reforge please!!!!!!!!

Death to the False Emperor says:

heck yes it got funded

Patrik Rydberg says:

Definately my type of game!

Meneillos says:

Is being developed by a spanish company through crowdfunding.

Will Carroll says:

This game is a dream of mine I didn’t even know I had.

Zouhair Mudakka says:

You said that this video is not sponsored, and I came here from another similar video and that youtuber also says the same that his video is not sponsored … liars.

Rizvian Aragon says:

Thanks for letting us know about this beauty
I just donated 24 bucks

Oliver Corfield says:

10 secs in and I am having an eyegasm.

Julie Rawihte says:

tells me where to download this game plzz

Sinister 2 says:

this game is going to be good I’m hyped

Robert Walker says:

Looks interesting. I’ll have to give it a try when it comes out. Do you know if it will be on PC, console, or both?

Martin Kolman says:

So much potential! Im in!

Weylin says:

following different citizens of your empire has been in games since Settlers2

Gregory House M.D says:

So, he’s advertising?

Sam Sam says:

Pixie i have good third age reforged replay but im too lazy to send it.

HappyPanda says:

“as i grow older i’m finding any game way more exiting than the big title game” completely agree idk why but i get boring fast playing shiny triple A games

Gaming and crafts with Archer jones says:

I want this like this comment if you want him to post more vids on this

Arctic Scorpion says:

I really wanted to pledge $50 but I saw It ended yestreday

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