ENLISTED Gameplay Teaser Trailer – NEW WW2 FPS Game 2017

Checkout more of the game here!-

Gaijin Entertainment, developer and publisher of War Thunder, announces Enlisted, a new multiplayer squad-based shooter, developed by Darkflow Software studio.

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WarDoom says:

this will be awesome!!!!

Let's fail together says:

Reminds me of the good old cod1 and cod2….

Adam Smith says:

Wtf is this? 3 seconds of gameplay? Go fuck yourself!

Anders Madsen says:

More Russkie biased game….. no thank you

PacManSPC7000 says:

this market is full of fps I’m kind sick of it

Grave- Walker says:

another fps

Dman444 says:

So they took a Battlefield 1 clip and slapped Enlisted on it. Got it

Ashley Brown says:

Looks fairly similar to BF1. Would’ve preferred more of a realistic WW2 simulator rather than another world war arcade shooter.

sos Wildfang says:

Hope it’s not pay2win.

Looks really cool. Hope if there is a shop it is like the one in Rainbow Six Siege.

Insert Real Name says:

i dont think i can play another ww2 game after waw it just doesnt feel right

Sasori Here says:

Gaijin online game grabber money company.

Rafael Cuevas says:

What the people really wants is a full world war game. It has to have ALL kind of vehicles, big maps and good graphics, it has to feel organic when you play as infantry and the animations must be soft and realistic, also it has to be Optimized for low computers.

Ofcourse all nations must be aviable to play, or atleast the Germans, Americans and Soviet. Character custom and weapon is a must have, the game has to be at the level or even higher than War Thunder, they did a good job with that game, now do something even better.

creed gaming says:


King Marsh says:

I can already see shitty progression system, microtransactions and russian bias.

Because Gaijin.

Elliott says:

We finally get infantry for War Thunder, minus War Thunder… well it looks good

bailey bolinger says:

you guys are forgetting who is making this. pay to win bullshit

TR1p1n9 says:

this video made me unsub, Cheers

AX System says:

I was ready to buy Battlefield 1 for a cheap price… I know there is big differences between WWI and WWII, but I’m already viced in War Thunder… What I do?

Tony Ravioli says:

Game looks great, everyone who hates here is mad over the fact the developers are making another game apart from their biggest title. Their biggest title, wT, has had so much work put into it, and thus why the players act like a fucking cult to it. Let the developers try something new, if anything this could be a new Red Orchestra. You never know. If WT was good,and its’ tank battles, who says another WW2 shooter wont be good? For fucks sakes whiney ass children..

rich hartnell says:

Hope it’s mostly on the eastern front with a German and Russian campaign!

SPi says:

MP only again? pff….

xXE4GLEyEXx says:

looks kinda cool… but its a gaijin game so unlocking a gun will take half of your life 😀

Omar Blackwood says:

My body is ready.

olivia johnson says:


Yo Obvious says:

fucking whack

omar gonzalez says:

2005 graphics…fucking shit

Anders Madsen says:

More Rus biased game from Gaijin enough said….. no thank you

GalloViking says:

So… Gaijin gave up on making infantry in War Thunder, but still makes a WW2 fps game? hrm…

Random Music Channel says:

the engine is old, and it looks shitty

Captain Lester says:

The first half is the game the second have is that same stupid outro you guys been using for like the past 3 months WHY IS THE OUTRO SO DAMN LONG?

Captain Flappers says:

30 seconds trailer, 40 seconds plugging your videos. congrats.

Павел Есликов says:

Поразвелось пендосов

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