Eagle Flight – Race for the Prey VR Gameplay

Capture the prey and take it to your nest before the other team does in Eagle Flight for Oculus Rift.

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Dan Garwood says:

What’s with the limited view?

Warpchy says:

Aw the motion sickness blinders were on.

Konata Izumi says:

In Battlefield 1, you could play as a pigeon.

GiroFuse says:

this looks simple but nice

Duffelpuffel McDuff says:

the screen doesn’t actually look like that for the player right? It looks awful.

Under Watched says:

Dam this game looks great

Loki A7x says:

Pretty cool!

PrimyFritzellz says:

Battlefield 1 wannabe

michael gentleman says:

Tis games like this that makes VR look like a gimmick. 🙁

Punisher6791 says:

What a waste of time and money…..

TheTukTuk2008 says:


Meatzone says:

I want this game, BUT the MP trophies is so so so shit. so will not get it, and i recomend everyone i know to stay away from it. just so shitty of the dev… wellwell.

Adam says:


Navin Bhandari says:

this looks very boring

Jason Evans says:

I miss magic mushrooms…

Salty Child says:

So basically VR is still poop.

Prime Kessler says:

OMG LoL what’s with the damn view being darkened like your censoring a sex scene?

MrMootje12345 says:

Strange game

TT_The_Blackout says:

I hope that we will see more demos available for VR, because it’s really hard to get excited about a VR game when watching a 2d video of it. The only VR games I want to buy right now are the ones I’ve played demos of, because those give me a good idea of what those games are about. Demos also come in handy if you want to know if a game will make you feel motion sick. I genuinely think that a VR game will sell way more if people are able to try it out, even if it’s for like a minute or 2.

kevgret says:

I see lots of motion sickness with this one

GoProGamer ! says:

No motion sickness with this game at all! Not once. And a lot of people’s reviews I’ve read say the same

Shane Stewart says:

Game of the year 2016.

LemonXP says:


TheFenner32 says:

already got it pre ordered

Andy Peters says:

cnt realy see much gameplay thanks to that fucking annoying blackness that creeps in

Lyserg2011 says:

Nice Game, I’ll play it with a ventilator in my face.

Brent Arnold says:


Mark Law says:

The fuck did I just watch lol

TheFenner32 says:

I’m confused. I pre ordered this game at my local gamestop and I went in to get it today, they said it won’t be out until the 15 (which the gamestop app say says it wont be out until the 15th as well) but I am in the PlayStation store right now and it says I can buy it right now and play it right now and it came out today (11/8/16) what’s going on?

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