EA Sports: Madden NFL 16 – PS4 Gameplay [1080p HD, 60fps]

http://www.destructoid.com — Yes, I intentionally threw the Super Bowl as the Steelers because I did not want them to win again, even a fake one. Read the full review at http://www.destructoid.com/review-madden-16-307755.phtml

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Miku Lover says:

My computer can run this at 4k :p PC master race.

Ricardo Strong says:

u have to make a TD for the steelers to win. that was bad what u did

OreoCakestir says:


vikings lifer says:

the game is cool to me, but why for this year they don’t let you choose the uniforms you want when you play online ??

Wendell Radford says:

AANNNNDDDDD…. That’s Madden! Ridiculous cheating!

noah jones says:

Why is the camera angle so weird when he throws it

dickenleye says:


samantha s says:

Madden 15 or 16 for ps 4 which one shoul I buy

Bryson Adams says:

Graphics are terrible.

A Reitz says:

All QB throwing motions look the same…kills me.

JT T. says:

damn does this game look good

Laroda Barnes says:

Why would you run with ben roethlisberger and you got to throw it to Antonio brown

Brandyn Shivers says:


KGBkilla97 says:

This game is the biggest bitch I have had to download and install… Ridiculous amount of time for a football game, it’s not like it’s an MMO RPG, seriously…

Carter Doyle says:

Be the Cowboys

charles choy 420 says:

So you’re a Rams fan, how much do you hate yourself?

sportspredictions49 says:

Go to my channel named sportspredictions49

Jacob Torretta says:

This makes me depressed about playing madden 15 on the Xbox 360 🙁


lol just changed the menu colors changed the camera angle from far to close but other than that same shit different year i will stick to my madden 25

Kanekudo san says:

1080p Fake 850p 30fps upscale

Kelly Ray says:

anyone know if they talk like this in all game play or just the superbowl game mode?

Ville Rautanen says:

Is this a good game?i mean those All-Madden or what All-pro sliders..??

Reggie Noble says:

Can you turn off the catching hint icons and adjust that annoying zoom in camera

Zahid Villanueva says:

did it already came out

Trobinson97 says:

“Hey, much respect homie.”
“I respect you too, boy.  Real talk.  We’re going to grind this one out.”
“No question we’ll grind this one out, baby.”

Tarantino is green with envy.

Swag Stallion says:

looks like ben worthlessberger had a bad day

TheMovieEditor says:

Animations in this game are horrible. I played NFK 2k on dreamcast, and in 100% honesty the animations were better!

I can’t believe people are letting EA get away with this. All they did was throw some textures on last gen Madden that was a horrible game.

Rocky_VS_Zombies #PSN says:

ok so u turn the game off cuz ur a loser ahaha

Brandon Harris says:

Looks like madden 12 for xbox 360
EA just doesnt gaf anymore cause they know we will buy regardless

Viti V says:

why does it look so much different than the xbox version? different menus and playacting and camera angles?

81mookthespook says:

shits kinda corny

antonio mock says:


Adrian F says:

browns all the way… lol

Native722 says:

2K needs to make a new nfl game.

VeganPulse says:

This looks cool!! Wish it was on PC.

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