DriveClub Gameplay – Exciting Race! (PS4 HD 1080P)

DriveClub PS4 Gameplay – World Tour Race
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2 players ?

Karim Mashriqi says:

How the heck do you drift?

D.D. Rod says:

Thank You Stefan.  I keep telling this fools, that FORZA 3  on Xbox360 is way better than this shit.  I can imagine FORZA 4.  I got a PS4 because of the baseball game, but I know the Microsoft games are alot better and also the SERVER on Sonny SUCKS!!!!!

Dangaming10 says:

pls continue this series

This is not a very good Username says:

The graphics are much better the vid just does not port to youtube too well

Lucifer Morningstar says:

It’s not driving, its game play!

Włodek 1410 says:


rieder555 says:

You should do whatever you think is fun or want to do. I would still watch your videos even if you went to first person shooter x)

AssaultRiffle37 says:

Is there first person

Maark Brizzy says:

What’s so bad about this game

deinz27 says:

It’s free on PSN now if you’re ps plus user!

f G G v says:

You need to do something to your recording or rendering settings. This is just above horrible 🙁

Outsider421 says:

It looks good, but I rather rent it first. If its not any good, then I won’t buy it. Sometimes it better to rent a game first, depending on what game system you have. If the game you rented wasn’t any good, at least you didn’t spend $40.00 to $60.00 on it first. I’ve been doing that for years.

KingNathan says:

Can u free roam in drive club?

Jasper K says:

You can Download it without any costs in playstationstore ps4:)

K. Emre Gelgor says:

is it close to gran turismo or forza Motorsport I mean gameplay and handling. games are too expensive in here I have to buy the most joyful in handling and gameplay

samuel kletz says:

The car looks realistic (ish) one massive flaw that I can see is that it looks like it’s fucking floating it doesn’t look like it connected at the rear

Erik Saenz says:

I got the game but how do I change it to 3rd person view?

Official DeerFire says:

I have the game as well and am just over driver skill 43 or somewhat around there and you say you’re from Australia? It’s been my dream to move there! Only if I’m single though cuz I plan on staying with a Facebook buddy of mine at his/her house in Brisbane or Sydney cuz I have Aussie Facebook friends everywhere in Aus so I can look for Australians to date and hope I find the right one that can lead to marriage and hopefully become a legal citizen of Australia! BTW, check out some of my video game gameplay on my channel as well, +Official DeerFire Since you say you’re in Australia, there’s a way to change the MPH to KPH to make it easy for you. My favorite vehicle of all is the Nissan GTR from the DLC and I bought it because it reminds me so much of Paul Walker who died in a car accident and is very missed by me possibly more so than any other fan but I know for certain that his real family and brother Cody Walker miss him just as much as I do. I just fell apart since he died and here I am in rehab trying to get my life back on track so anyways, I know that rehab thing is personal to put on social media but it’s true.

Damir Krnjic says:

fifa 16

Frederick Kurniawan says:

omg wut have u done with ur car…if i’m being you, i will trying to drive and drift as safe as I can like in real racing 3

Awesome3250 says:

I’m from Australia too

Marfa Films says:

First day playing, admitted he’s not that good yet, and still got first place. Seems a bit too easy based on that.

Rebel XD says:

A year and a half into the current gen system’s lifespan and you’d expect for the graphics to be leaps and bounds over the last gen’s graphics. However, it doesn’t seem so. If I didn’t already know from the video description, I could have easily mistaken this for a PS3 or Xbox 360 games, easily. I seen the dramatics differences between PS1 to PS2 and PS2 to PS3, this time around, not so much. Oh well.

dylanmjo says:

I’m not really familiar with Racing-games, but is it worth buying the game on PS4, or are there any better Racing-games?

Mikki says:

bad game, easy trophies

Juan De Los Rios says:

Whoever was driving did a phenomenal job….

Five Dee says:

That was great!

Jonathan Herrera says:

Why can’t any forza racing games come on ps4?? Is forza a xbox exclusive game??

logilogilogi says:

Good simcade game

POTIS1 says:


frank ponds says:

Know what they could have put up there besides those points? A rearview.

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