Dragon City: High Tension Dragon Race Progress + Glowppy Gameplay Part 16

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youssef mokhles says:

I never been that far at the heroic race I’m at the starting of lap 4

Jeremy Ellison says:

Friend me on facebook

Metro don't trust you says:

The people I’m with is not even moving so I’m in 1st

KidBeta AJ says:

i ment glowppy dragon

Michael AR says:

I kept trying to get the apocalypse dragon by breeding coolfire and fallen angel and now they are breeding for 62 hours

Lucky09Libra says:

Isnt this dragon an ancient dragon? I think he is.

Ivan Abril says:

I think glowpy is on the ancient world like glowpy master of fiteworks?

Bryan Bueno says:

they mean a double head dragon

Digi Dig says:

im in 5 lap

Visious Instance 64 says:

the glowppy dragon is actually an ancient world dragon glowppy master of fireworks.

Cameron Lee says:

Don’t do it it is a scam

Cashes da Doggo says:

I use gems and I’m paired with People who barely play XD I’m on lap 5 and there on lap1 !

Henbro87 says:

One this dude was on 15th lap and I’m a low guy don’t even have pure dragon

Jacob Clark says:

chold there be a possible way eney of yal can give a drongon to Jacob Clark

Chairi Yo says:

man its not you add alote of friends you just don’t now how to race. me i’m in lap 9 bro you still in lap 4

L4 Dragon 1 says:

yay finally lap 6 but a lot of people are active and two of them are in lap 4 and they are still there I’m quite worried they might caught up :'(

misty durand says:

Have this dragon

CODslayer55 says:

Free gems

MegaCharizardXAndY says:

I’m in 1st place in 5th lap. For the “hybrid” eggs just breed two earth dragons together over and over and over. This works!!

Super Galaxy Cosmo says:

I’m in a race and I’m on my fifth lap and my rivals don’t play anymore ^-^

Zac Barnett says:

Almost lap 9 everyone on lap 1 I really hope I win

Dragana Brighton says:


Gaming Jayden says:

Metro don’t trust you same with me I’m on lap 2 and I never won a heroic race

Andre Indardat says:

I dont know your name but can you help me with dragons world
I want to know how many times a dragon can get the +5% chance rare dragon perk

Ben Shpigel says:

my fellas all the time using THIS script!!! You has to check this awesome script 🙂 dragongenerator.likesyou

Idk a name says:

only 4 people r racing me 4 others haven’t moved I’m on lap 2 beating every on the race out the 8

Emmy Jönsson says:

I breeded two very rare dragons, It takes about 1 day and 20 hours to atleast get that egg! Legendary?

Dawsygamertv says:

I am in first place but we’re not in the same one

Tuấn Anh Cao says:


Itz Madi says:

a lot of people just gem this game

FakeZombie123 Gaming says:

I got in a race where nobody moved 1 dot away from the start

Granny Spangler says:

on my account the legend habitat costs 3 mil

Nicholas Passarelli says:

I need neighbors for Facebook that way I can expand my islands. My name on fb is the same as my YouTube name. Any help would be greatly appreciated

CODslayer55 says:

Free gems

EvanTheGamer2447 says:

I Got A Heroric Dragon Rarity Legendary Not The High Dragons Though The Legendary

Adolf Hitler says:

I’m at lap 4 and nobody moved I think I gonna win…

Leͥgeͣnͫd says:


KidBeta AJ says:

did you know that theres two glowmppy dragon in the game one that you show and one in the ancient portal if you. never knew :3

Mario Galindo says:

9:37 look at the Crystal dragons name

Free Gaming Space In Universe21 says:

pause at 10:26 high fenrir dragon looks awesome

Stuffed Animal Wars says:

I think I am going to get the high tension dragon! I am on lap 3 and everyone else is on lap 1! I will get my first heroic dragon!

Visious Instance 64 says:

my high tension race is easy I’m in 1st place and in my third lap right now and no one moved that is so strange it’s like they don’t care about the race or the dragon

Mario Villavicencio says:

fuck you

ThatsMaKoii says:

I’m on lap 10.. and not spend cash yet..

Luis Antonio Jaramillo Benitez says:

isnt glowpy an ancient dragon ???

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