Dragon City: High Tension Dragon Race Gameplay Part 17

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Danh Tran says:

iam in lap 5 and no one move

WildGamingOriginal says:

How you get so many food

Filip Plays says:


Jiale Wu says:


noob slayer 101 here says:

Dragon City freebies is the best

jukkipoeka says:

im on lap 3 node 2 and only one guy has moved but im first and im level 48

WaTerAgar says:

i am at lap 6 and no one moved

S0NGuko HD says:

yep I got that dragon and I’m level 20 lol

tũn lùqq's says:

How can you have alot of gems

BZC says:

I got level 18

Narendra Chintamadaka says:

not for me

Filip Plays says:

not move player

JLGaming // JL says:

My contestants won’t play I am already in lap 3 they are in lap one XD

AhmadGamingTVShow ! says:

Use your games

Danny Diep says:

no one move in my game
so i am gonna get my first heroic

Mohammed Zaheer says:

I’ve got all the heroic dragons except from the one that just came out

Jordan Playz says:

no one is moving in mine but just in case im on lap 7

Pug Fit Fit says:

But then 1 player moved

Lukas Hoste says:

im on Lap 7 and evrybody is still on Lap 1

GamingWithToxic says:

no one is moving and i am a mission away from 4lap

Carlu loko says:

Lap 10 for me

Pug Fit Fit says:

Me to my players didn’t move

Paul Harvey Huertas says:

me I’m going to lap 5 no one moved

Jimmy Bendejo says:

I think you won’t believe guys but I’m in lap 3 and my rivals are still in lap 1 I’m gonna get the dragon guys

S0NGuko HD says:

yep I got that dragon and I’m level 20 lol

jk asap says:

I am at lap 7,node 1 lvl 37

Everythingilike Gaming says:

I’m level 16. 2 people moved in my race. I’m the only one past lap one. I’m at lap 3 or 4. I might get a high tension dragon as a level 16. Also, when I collect food, it doesn’t always work. Help?

ToxicLion og says:

It doesn’t put you in active players games if your active it matches you up by level and usually higher level are more active

Pug Fit Fit says:

I’m lap 2

BZ-kft ft says:

Can you still get the heroic without even qualifying because im #1 but im on lap 2

Jin Wang says:


Chaden Carroll says:

I will win the dragon for sure no one has moved except for me. I completed lap 4 with 8 days left 🙂

Nebu Destroyer YT says:

im on lapp 4 and no buddy even moved

Donkey Kong says:

I’m at lap 7 to 8 and it’s so challenging bcuz so much people are moving, only 2 people are not qualified

foxy the fox pro foxy the pirat fox says:

look at the nowes. Pokémon Go is a very bad game a. girl got hit by a car

U Wot M8 says:

im first on round 3 i’m so broke in Dragon City and in my openion These heroic Dragons ruined the game cuz where is the sence of getting a legendary Dragon if nearly u can beat thoose heroic shit and with thoose hackers man i loved it so much now ist pay 2 win nearly. socialpoint changes that and gives thoose Dragons a buff then it would get better

AhmadGamingTVShow ! says:

To an lap 3

Shea Mcguinness says:

I’m only one spot of lap 4 which you qualify when you reach lap 4 and in 2nd place there’s someone on the same lap but everyone else hasn’t even moved at all so I’m positive I’ll win

Ibrahim El-Hout says:

I’m in lap 6

yeng vang says:

no one moved on my game but maybe it’s because I’m a low level

Blue Gaming says:

I am lap 4, others are lap 1.

Stuffed Animal Wars says:

I just finished lap 4, so I am now qualified to be able to get the heroic dragon, plus everyone else is on lap 1 for me, I am so excited to get the high tension dragon!

Mya Borwege says:

I’m on lap 2 in first place 😀

Fox Azalean says:

I’m at the same lap and node as you, and I’m number 1 too 😀

Brandon8or says:

lap 5 and #1st place and everyone is behind me… will I win the dragon

sam seamonster says:

Level 21

L4 Dragon 1 says:

I’m lap 7 now second guy lap 5

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