Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 – Majin Race CAC Purifcation Kid Transformation Gameplay【60FPS 1080P】

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 – Majin Race CAC Purifcation Kid Transformation Gameplay【60FPS 1080P】
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Elitegamer 100 says:

i dont like dat is consumes stamina

Yena Chomps says:

Forget the fact that you turn into Kid Buu; his moveset is almost entirely useless now. There isn’t anything “special” about him, Super Vanishing ball’s accuracy is even lower than what it was in X1 Teleporting Vanishing Ball is too slow to execute, his only useful move is Pearl Flash but even THAT’S useless if you don’t want to build a physical-based Majin…But the biggest problem is that it uses stamina gradually. So if you dare to use the snap-vanish button when you’re getting hit, then your Purification’s time limit gets obliterated. What would of been nice of them would of been to of at least given you unlimited snap-vanishes for the amount of time your transformation is running…But they didn’t.

The only logical reason anyone would use this would either to be to fuck around or to make it even easier for your opponent to break your stamina–hell, you technically break your own stamina anyway when the transformation runs out. 😐

criscros95 says:

I fucking Hate the timi limit of the trasmormation

chunga100 says:

so the kid form buu just isn’t that good or what? everyone keeps trashing it.

Eltro920 says:

So the Kid Buu form is about as limited as Giant Namekian.

ilaria icam says:

I like to think that every Majin born pure and “male”…then when they absorb someone (in this case a sexy girl) they changes gender… but the kid form still the most powerful, and “rest hide” inside the body…

if you think every human “born” female, then can became male…for Majins is just the opposite XD

Sorry for the bad English BTW

Bobby Jay says:

wat point is there in having purification drain stamina? how do dat even make any sense? can someone explain dis to me please bruh

KO JACK says:

I think the majin buu race should’ve had male majin buu, super buu and female buu.

MTSmash Gamer07 says:

I’m it’s called having more stamina people, plus u regain stamina on the floor so the transformation can stay longer.

Ruin Paladin says:

Purification kid looks lazy for the famale Majins. -_-

Agent Krypton says:

holy fuck that beeping the dragon radar makes is really annoying

stefan reger says:

wtf…so al majin buu character even females just transform into the evil majin buu? WTF?

Joseph Senatus says:

wow so lazy

Vilron Sircutzion says:

gender swap much

__Niko__ says:

Can you add every attack from anime in this game? Like final flash to a majin, is that possible?

alize walker says:

iv played the majin class n went through the horror of the purification transformation the only good thing about is the combos n the different n fun abilities u get like wen u block or hold triangle for Xbox its Y or do his unique ki blast but I’m OK with Pearl flash I use it wen my opponent is on the ground vanishing ball is to slow n hard to combo with quick sleep is useless in online mode the only useful one really is maximum charge n that’s jus to spam Pearl flash n sometimes use vanishing ball once I think I can hit em all I all both ultimates are ass super vanishing ball is no longer tracking as if it were sooooo incredibly hard to dodge it in xenoverse1 n teleporting ball takes to long everytime I use it my opponent hits my twice n the transformation runs out there for canceling the technique n cuz of the stamina rule with majins if ur caught with no stamina we receive extra damage I got raped afterwards fool took a whole bar n a half

deaventhe greatest says:

the form is cool just the darning stamina ruins the whole thing

Waizen Gaming says:

Transgender confirmed

KîdGòkü Gāmęš says:

Best transformation for majin,and the only one that makes fucking sens

deaventhe greatest says:


Pringle Sniffer says:

do they still have the abridged nappa voice in xenoverse 2

Grand Photon says:

Zanto who can we talk to so that the Majin purification gets rebalanced? Turning into kid buu is okay but the stamina drain is a bit much.

Alex Ivanovic says:

6:30 Go fuck yourself, Dodoria.

Anthony Pizarro says:

They need to fix majins transformation.

Darealpokgai .MacauGamer says:

oh so this transformation use stamina like kaioken?

Lucas says:

Bad eyes

Bobby Jay says:

Damn. I was gonna make a majin too. Da stamina completely ruined it. If they do make a more creative and jus all around better purification form in da next game (assuming there’s gonna be one), it will hopefully look badass, especially for da females.
I’m not pissed tho, jus disappointed.

4/Death/Fish Valley/Star says:

I hope the game’s rating reflects the presence of topless females…

Boonaw says:

Ugh, I wanted to be a Majin, but I don’t think it’s worth it :/
I hate how YouTubers try to justify the transformation, but it’s JUST PURE BUU!
What’s the point?

Ryuketsu says:

Nobody is gonna pick this race.
If i want to play as buu i’ll just pick him, does give me 2 extra slots for other cac characters though.

alize walker says:

IDC if we transform into kid buu they can make it better if we had unlimited time in the form replace quick sleep wit majin kamehameha and increase the charge speed on teleporting ball n vanishing ball also to make super vanishing ball more accurate the very least give us unlimited transformation time Jesus I ask my self y did I transform wen I’ll be done in 10secs I reccomend potential unleash until a buff or rework patch or whatever is issued if ur still passionate about using a majin if not get a human n say its the reincarnation of whatever form of buu I named my human super uub

Tony.giacobbe.91 says:

Ta une vieille intro

Bulbassalto HueBR says:

bad transformation to female majin, is good to male majin ‘-‘


Hmm… i think they should add a charge for stamina in the buu race,cause if it cost stamina then it’s a waste to use

Evowill says:

??? bro do u even stamina

Super saiyan Trap ninja says:

They need to fix the kid buu transformation

Saquan Black says:

How do I get this transformation?

Zeandre Victor says:

So you just transform into kid buu…meh

Stoic says:

They should either give you maximum snap vanishes when transformed, or don’t base it on stamina.

Hector Delvas says:

why the hell is it kid buu ? like wtf hell? its stupid there should be a difference :/

Spooky Fan09 says:

The only bigger disappointment of a transformation they could give are the Super Saiyan Recolors. I seriously hope they don’t get added to the game later.

Chris Hardin says:

I’ll be damned if they make me a fat jelly bean why not just give him the super buu body type

Elitegamer 100 says:

in a fight with dat transformation ur useless

Justin says:


killakan987 says:

i dont know why they go more in depth with this transformation. how you gonna go from a slim chick as ur base form to a short guy with a six pack as ur final form…

Yam says:

fuck is she transgender

Um Isótipo De Hidrogênio says:

Ok that Marin race are cool and I think it’s the coolest but most people don’t even know that namekians one also drains stamina

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