DOOM – E3 2015 Gameplay #1 – 60 FPS

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Bacon Shreds says:


Patrick Gosch says:

boring and lame and not hardcore

Andrew Michael says:

I love reading all the pretentious comments by twats who have zero coding/producing experience making sophomoric attempts at discrediting such an amazing game….

The audiences reactions are pure gold. They improved everything while keeping all the elements that pay homage to the original “Doom”.

I will be buying this game the first day it drops!!

PROcrastiDRIVE SV says:

5:40 – “Yeah!”

Shakib Ali says:

Now if only they kept the old music

PROcrastiDRIVE SV says:

7:39 – Aaaand the Revenant Referee flies into the playing field to signal full time!

Gorilla Pimpin' says:

holy shit

morcoviatza says:

well done !

Dirty dog says:

I mean I really want to run around with crazy dinamics of previous doom, and dinamicnlights from doom 3 was a revolutionary becuz they were first, I loved this game so much playing it over and over again, scary as shit, and I don’t want to play this game after this video, fuck scripted killed it destroys spirit of id software games and yea of course nobody gives a shit becuz everyone will buy it becuz it’s doom

Miguel medina says:

very god

Andreas Pracht says:


Solmangrundy ManGrundy says:

looks like they took lesson from Brutal Doom

Steven Kim says:

They made the space marine too powerful. The horror we are supposed to feel is not there any more. It degenerated to another one of the gory action game.

Chip Bradley says:

Liked the video but erred the jumps scares like in DOOM 3 ?

ZeGermanGamer says:

I believe I’ll have to buy a 2nd GTX 970 to play this on my old i5 2500K. 🙁

Tim Hagedorn says:

its just doom. nothing more to say 🙂

Ember Strike says:

Looks awesome as fuck. As long as its not going to go stale as fast as DOOM III. I loved that game to hell and back, just after a while It’s safe to assume that every room you walk into has 15 closets that are going to open every time you pick up ammo or go around a corner. Either way I’m probably still going to play the shit out of this.

ArmAMajor says:

It looks great, but gameplay is pretty much the same old stuff, mindless corridor shooter. Back in the day when DOOM was new it was cool, but now there are tons of mindless corridor shooters. The only special thing I see here are the nice graphics and detailed gore. I will buy it on a sale sometime.

PROcrastiDRIVE SV says:

I wonder if Doom guy ever feels any sense of loss about all his dead comrades, from all the far-out, space bases he visits.
Or maybe he just chooses to vent by unleashing the double barrel on some punk-ass demons.

Александров Евгений says:

Russian oldfag FROM 90. I want this



Captain Canuck says:

My trigger finger and my 980Ti are ready. Bring it on!

toni pyrapat says:

Enemy are too weak compare to doom 3.

Yossi Harrar says:

Thats nasty(XD)

Young Knight says:

I really dont get why people want the game to be faster when it looks like a mess when you speed it up

Hot Steppa Starboi416 says:

brings back 5th grade memories of the first Doom on snes, now the remake is even better….can’t wait for this release, Doom Guy reloaded is badass!

Cricas Jempleys y mas says:

no me gusto se aleja mucho de la jugabilidad original asi es como caen los juegos que pena

Dirty dog says:

Is it doom 4? I remember ID software director said that is doom 3 was a legend but doom 4 will be a video game revolution? This game looks like another consol shit with a bit of brutality, I’ll w8 for doom 4 instead of this game

OmerTheGreatOne says:


Scroggles says:


Jody Trandana says:

1:25 the physics when he blows the demon apart and how the ragdoll interacts with the railing =Perfect

Iori San says:


Reker Paratrooper says:

Мдаа… Тупо шутан! Раньше хоть страшно было( Жалко  что серия возможно потерпит провал(

CJ says:

looks like shit

Ivan Anonym says:

4 same death animations used over and over

Carlo Miranda says:

Whoa! I hope this game isn’t shelved straight away like Beyond Good & Evil 2 or Prey 2

Giorgio Baradit says:

Am I the only one who thinks this is pretty generic? I mean, I played Doom and Doom 2 all my childhood, and this reminds me nothing of the old games; generic enemies, generic enviroment. Not even the hologram demon looked like the devil of the game.

Patrick Gosch says:


Killernede Gamer says:

nice doom 3

no good says:

Look lame as fuck. How can people be getting hyped for this? Enemies just stand there and get shot. Chainsaw animations are all static as hell.

JesseEtzler says:

This gameplay looks horrible compared to Doom 3. It seems like a senseless shoot em up. Where the dark atmosphere and surprise moments? Seems everything spawns right in front of you.

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