Dino Frontier | DINOSAURS + CITY BUILDER? (Dino Frontier Gameplay)

Dino Frontier Gameplay – Oops. Dino Frontier is a city building game filled with dinosaurs! We’ll open a Texas Frontier City, fill it with dinos, tame them, ride them, and use them to fight bandits!

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Dino Frontier lets you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the wild west and Jurassic collide. You assume the role of Big Mayor overlooking your settlement in tabletop scale VR. You must carefully balance resources while growing your town. Wild dinosaurs roam the land acting as both dangerous foe and tantalizing asset.


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LachDon says:


VernoGAMING says:

Make this into a series

Noah Adkins says:


Benedek Daatland says:

You’re my favorite youtuber, and have been for long

Chupa Cabra says:

Play Dino storm

BlurbtheGenet says:

Its a god game where you are physically moving around and grabbing things as the god this awesome

Spark The SkyWing says:

My favorite part were le dude was doing a chicken imitation and the ‘bird’ did it as well because dinos are related to birds. . . i’ll get off of the stage now

Pedro Augusto Gomes Dos Santos says:


elite XsiblingX says:

I’d love to see more

Filipino Chef Apprentice says:

This brings me back Red Dead Redemption memories. Would be cooler to add dinosaurs.

raisedbywolfspro says:

Nooooooooo how is he not puking??????????? Ps4 vr you say?????????? Disgusting XD

Nicholas Atanasov says:

More of this plz BestInSlot

The Madness Gamez says:

yay I suggested this! 😀

BlackBear 87 says:


Abdosaurus says:

I’m gonna make a comment for no reason because i never comment anyways………

Timber Wolfe says:

Such a weird but cute little game!
Deputy Dinosaur is currently my favourite thing~

The Dishonored Coward says:

I’ve played a game like this before. I spent to much time trying to survive invasion from enemies to upgrade the homes and buildings past the cave dwelling stage, and instead upgraded only  military units. Building fleets of ships, catapults, shielded units with archer support, cavalry, all just defending communities dwelling only in places made of slightly manipulated natural  land formations.

VernoGAMING says:

You are doing the movement worng

A Lone Stegosaurus says:

This can only go well

Noah Adkins says:

play more

Armin Reindl says:

Who’s hyped for the stream?

AnimalXpert says:

MORE. DO MORE OF THIS GAME. PLEASE. NOW. Sorry that sounded rude

jorge rojas says:

You have a ps4

Angelika Maryniec says:

Finally it s out

B DAVIS says:

Bestinslot exactly 3 years ago I subcribed =)

Zavier 101 says:

Can you do FaceCam while doing these types of videos bestinslot?

Adder Bitez says:

You gotta do more!
Like if you agree

Epickingedward Water lettuce says:

Play more

Alpha Omega says:

In the immortal worlds of David Tennant: What…What….What!

Tyrell Baryonyx says:

Make a srires on this game

Eggsdayz says:

IMO management/building games and VR didn’t mix very well

Tim. Rex says:

Who else instantly thought of Back to the Future when they saw McFly?

Just Some Guy says:

Thank you for playing this! Lol i want to buy this but I’m too poor for VR and the game xD

The_Dinohunter says:

Um just FYI – you’re Description is for Saurian not this

Dino Dare says:

Well… I wasn’t expecting it to be VR. I actually came in to a surprise. Dinosaurs + City builder + Virtual reality. What a combo!

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