DEXTER LAB WITH THE MADDEN 17 CHEMISTRY 94 Von Miller !!! – Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Gameplay

DEXTER LAB WITH THE MADDEN 17 CHEMISTRY NEW 94 Von Miller !!! – Madden NFL 17 Ultimate Team Gameplay. I appreciate all the support you guys leave and every like and comment helps out.


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Katy PERKINS says:

good work keep it up


I’m a die hard saints fan and I don’t think that’s there offense the saints are a vertical team and run a lot from the gun

Philly Eagles 54 says:

Awesome video kouppa. Best madden player in the business right here. Loving all the uploads.

Benjamin Ben says:

What’s the name of the song koup in the beginning?

Chickey Monkey says:

kouppa when vlogs comin

Marcus Brown Jr. says:

You should do the team hero sets

Austin Edmonds says:

What uniforms were those !?

Djohnson504 x says:

watching these vids is making me want to get back on mut! I’ll wait a lil while longer though

SoundsLogical says:

Kouppa be trashing them boys with AP it ain’t even fair

R Day says:

Lmao when you said he gonna blow your brains out

Leo Wavathar says:

That He-Man shirt tho!

Jordan Cole says:

Yo lovin the grind on the videos keep it up Kouppa

Ryan133 says:

hey kouppa how did you get your body type ? like the diet and stuff can you let me know ! I’m a defensive tackle on varsity and want to get lean and shit rather than looking chubby in my uniform

Marcus Waterhouse says:

What jerseys did tht man have on

Leon MAMBA Jr says:

they can’t stop that run game koup. keep grindin fam. GV (great video)


great video koup! Bow can you tell me what playbooks you use and the formation thanks bro!

Chris G says:

this your full time job? Love the vids

Everett Shane says:

Them Uni’s hard though.

King Jordvvvn says:

watchu gonna do for the 50k specail kouppaa

savage _ says:


giftedtechnique says:

24-10 Cam shutdown hmm sounds awfully familiar

King Jordvvvn says:

make sure to do a 50k specail kouppaa

Zay Bucks says:

I got the elite gilmore. Even more of a beast

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