Destiny – Solo Aksis Kill – 60 FPS Video Gameplay [Motion Interpolation] – No HUD 4 Phase

Destiny – Solo Aksis No HUD 4 Phase Kill – 60 FPS Gameplay Video Test via Motion Interpolation / Solo Aksis, Archon Prime 60 FPS No HUD 4 Phase / 4 Damage Rounds. –NOTE: ENSURE 1080p60 VIDEO QUALITY IS SELECTED TO SEE RESULTS– This is just purely test to see a 60 FPS version of the video created with motion interpolation (see this thread for other examples/explanation: ). The actual gameplay itself is NOT 60 FPS, however via motion interpolation the video can be made to have the same effect (with occasional artifacts) and show what the Destiny would look like with 60 FPS game play.

The 60 FPS version isn’t perfect by any means and has quite a few noticeable issues, but I feel with No HUD a lot of the errors (particularly with text) are removed from the equation so it ends up looking quite nice overall!

Any feedback is welcomed! If people wish for more 60 FPS versions too, I may create some more in the future. The method involved doesn’t make it viable for every video as it is VERY time consuming, but I feel seeing raid challenges with these settings might be nice.

Original video can be seen here for a comparison:

From the other video:
Was originally going for a 5 phase kill with no intention for a 4 phase on this, but the run here actually ended up good enough for a real smooth 4 phase! The challenge itself didn’t take too long, the 5 Phase No HUD I did last week took ~30mins of attempts, this time it took just a little over an hour for the 4 Phase No HUD kill. All the 4 Phase practice a few weeks ago seems to have helped quite a bit!

The weapons/gear I was using (all at 400 LL):
-Treads Upon Stars w/ Life Support + Explosive Rounds
-Sniper with Surplus Perk (old NM vendor one)
-Dark Drinker
-Raid Gloves
-Starfire Protocol
-Raid Boots
-Memory of Radeghast Artifact (for +Sword Ammo)

Build was focused on Max Agility/Recovery, Ignite/Touch of Flame, Fusion Grenades, Solar Wind Melee, T5 Discipline / T3 Strength. Basically same setup I used for the 4 phase.

Sorry for not having the time to respond to comments over the last week or so like I normally would too, have been really busy with packing and trying to get challenges out that I haven’t had much of a chance to reply yet! Hopefully have a little more free time next week and can get back on top of it.

Any questions feel free to ask!


reddit thread: thread:


Seth Champlin says:

wow…its beautiful

swaybar_ says:

How do you know where aksis will reappear?

Keith Hermes says:

BRO! Use your voice and talk. I watch a lot of your stuff and you’re amazing (no homo)

Seriously no hud solo? I consider myself a very very good raider. I can do MAYBE half the stuff you did. Maybe. Engage your audience man. You deserve to be up there. I hope you read this.

Shaved guerilla says:

Absolutely incredible! I would have never believed it unless id seen it, and here it is. Wow! Well done!

sofia ortiz says:

Your awesome! I’m very impressed.6 guys can’t even do what you just did by yourself.WOOOOOOO

jorge samios says:

I can’t unsee destiny running at 60fps

Jac0tab says:

Esoterickk what are the perks on your Treads Upon Stars?

Mohan Bandaru says:

insanity at it’s peaks… wow!!

Ed Gong says:

Crispy video, crispy kill, this is awesome!

TheBossXLVIII says:

Can I just join up with you and have you solo it! lol

ed bogaart says:

Nice bud is there still a challange in destiny

SneakyPete says:

Tom Brady of Destiny. GOAT.

gerardo tijero says:

amazing simply amazing love watching your videos learned many tips and tricks 60fps icing on the cake.

Krystatic says:

Such a beast man, keep it up and you’ll be at 100k in no time!

Faris Nabeel says:

60FPS looks good though this isn’t a legit 60FPS, lots of stuttering, hopefully destiny 2 will have it natively.

Nikica Sekulic says:

….oh man…. now people can see what the difference would be if they really do 60 fps for Destiny 2….. the thing is, it would look and feel even better on real 60 fps…..

Marquis Crispy says:

It looks soooooo good

Muno says:

how is it 60 FPS when the game is locked at 30?

Dustin Martin says:

Holy crap, man! that looks incredible! great job on the Solo!

Lochietheguy3 says:

When Telstra sucks ass and your internet is slow so you can’t watch the vid with max quality

Fels bed men

Ominasiac Films says:

This is literally the most perfect solo of aksis I’ve ever seen..

wmnublman says:

Wow! Absolutely fantastic work.
But I just have to ask: How many attempts did it take you to nail this?

David Michael Rosario says:

Haven’t even finished the video yet but I wanted to comment on the oustading HD quality. Very cinematic without the HUD. Great work

Nelvin Chand says:

damn! this looks crispy AF

Xhnji says:

this looked so amazing and without HUD your a beast. definition of perfection and execution. loved the vid bruh!

arthur medeiros says:

It looks gorgeous

KidRiches112 says:

this game looks so great in 60fps

Jeremy Kosth says:

Awesome job!!!!!!!!!!
Next time use a lens too 😀

Bambu Araujo says:


Killbonilla4life says:

wow! this looks incredibly good. Very good job.

Il vice duce cristal says:

Grande ti seguo dall’Italia gg!

Rob Green says:

what scout rifle is that

OTCRock4one says:

You’re a One-Man Army!

Mdebs 21 says:

so0ooo beautiful!! well done sir!!

Mr.Slendykins Sockman says:

“Sniper with Surplus Perk” oh my god someone else knows of this perk, I praise it every time I have a chance to, I simply cannot play without it! It’s sad that in the Rise of Iron there’s only 6 available weapons with it excluding the Hakke New Monarchy Sniper and the Suros Future War Cult Rocket Launcher which are no longer available to get 🙁

Ryan Lambrecht says:

Crispy af

easynow says:

This is fucking beautiful.

Craft_ Gamers says:

best solo I seen

James Travis says:

Very nice!

CosmodromePowerInc says:

want 60fps in destiny

Bambu Araujo says:

esoterickk how old are you? im curious

Robert Tamcken says:

This looks incredible! Some of the effects looked strange (e.g. Dark-Drinker), but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. GG!

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