Destiny Rise of Iron: The Dawning SRL – Full Race Gameplay of Shining Sands & Haakon Precipice

This is just pure gameplay of the two new tracks, Shining Sands and Haakon Precipice coming for SRL on December 13th.

FTC Disclaimer: Bungie/Activision got me a badge to Playstation Experience to check out The Dawning early.

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P Stauber says:

i can already tell that Haakon precipice is gonna piss me off

mmwosu says:

I felt your pain on that second race – I hate the ones where you can’t catch a dang break!

That Juicy Shaq Meat says:

SRL is just a shitty version of F-Zero.

Mathew Hoy says:

is that background music in the actual race or have you dubbed it over the audio?

Ashley Unwin says:

Thank you datto I analysed the tracks and I’m set for srl no one can stop me now *maniacal laugh*

Eden Ackerman says:

why is there cabal on mercury?

117thearbiter says:

This comment provides no feedback. This only aims to support Datto with the new YouTube changes.

Craig Harrison says:

Loving the Wipeout vibe to the music.

Marshmellow 0 says:

thanks for the game play datto it should help for srl

Sir Gunslinger says:

Ghost saying THIS IS AMAZING! Is hilarious lol

Eric Woods says:

You suck.

Death Harpy says:

anyone else knotice the dark blue advertisments look like they say datto on them?

Olufunbi Disu-Sule says:

This sound track is aamazing !!!

Lapis_Blaze15's Tablet says:

Is that the legit song track for Shining Sands? o.O

Patrick von Janicke says:

Regarding rewards: Is there a point of going farther than rank 5 in SRL? Is it better and more rewarding to have one character reach rank 15 than 3 characters reach rank 5?

LunarXP Gaming says:

Not what you think is nkuch

Mr Taylor says:

can you turn the commentre off?

dkcholo says:


MrCrepe TV. says:

It’s time to use you Jeoulesy sparrow

DarksignHunter says:

nice to see every single thing about the new content being shown and chewed up long before it’s out. I really really dislike this trend and it sucks that content creators have to be the “bad guys” in a sense. I’m sure some youtubers (like you Datto) would rather play it blind with the rest of the community but it’s just too much money in the form of views (or likes nowadays) that you’re passing up if you don’t do this type of videos.

SV O6 says:

ill stick with my 132 sproow

Destiny Gamer says:


Christian Picciriilo says:

Earth is way cooler than Mercury

GororordSSJ says:

I think the pocket infinity is the only exotic that isn’t brought back :/ (for weapons I think)

Mr. Malteser says:

Noooo fruit was so close to 1st place

TheFallenPrimes says:


brucenatelee says:

Something I’ll never do, like last time: Place in the top 3 for the entire event. Well, okay… one time I did. Felt the bounty requiring it was unfair after never getting it done.

Eden Ackerman says:

what’s this rare blue quality sparrow joke

sp33dy f41c0n says:

Is that Bassjackers track actually in the game?

Patrick von Janicke says:

Does doing tricks slow me down? Well, I had crashes happen when my feet were too far out to the left 🙂

Ian Glace says:

Idea for sparrow racing have elimination matches three laps two eliminations per lap 7 person games one winner

Sojuroh says:

Love the Kahneman and Tversky shout-out from Bungo. Thanks for the vid Datto, so hyped for SRL!

Andreas Wong says:

That first track is lit af

mikoshlord says:

i use my iron gallywing

Rascool says:

Gotta love that Bassjackers soundtrack 😉

A Potato says:

3:31 is bae

Jason Grigor says:

i love the fact that they put the destiny song from spinnin records!

Varista 00 says:

That stupid fuckin forklift lmfao

Young Prodigy2 says:

Lol I loved when the ghost said “this is amazing”, the ghost should also say tho ” FIGHT FOREVER GAURDIANNNNNNN”

Love them blue, quality sparrows

Laurence Goldkamp says:

with space magic why not have Mario Cart-style fighting while you’re racing?

firefang600 says:

dam forklift is gonna ruin runs

The War Pheonix says:

Nice music

DanteMasaru says:


Nusku Same says:

Blue quality rare sparrows

Im Zil says:

“Are you sure you wanna be in the front?”
-5 seconds later-
“I thought the point was to stay in the lead.”
Wat? -.-

7justin34 says:

You would of won that 2nd race had you used a rare blue quality sparrow

Jorge González-Páramo says:

The dub-reggae music in the Mercury track is delightful.

Sweeper Clan says:

Was that the actual music for the first track??? That was so awesome!!

Joshua Johnson says:

What was the soundtrack on The Shining Sands race?

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