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Depraved is a city builder game with survival aspects, settled in the Wild West. Build towns and establish important outposts to supply your residents with food and other raw materials. Resist the seasons, dangerous animals, and bandits and conquer the Wild West.

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Ringization says:

Only one lady…poor lady 😮

Luuk Van Gerwen says:

Plz play more

Vad says:

That amazing timing when keralis said undertaker in an ominous tone and the lightning strike at the same time @ 31:27

Baleur says:

4:15 “tent”, has wooden walls. That aint a tent that’s a shack! Or am i totally mistaken? Doesnt it have to have cloth/fabric walls to be called a tent? Either way, awesome aesthetic in this game, the UI is awesomely cozy, though the terrain textures look very much like some Age of Empires 0.5 placeholder stuff from 1994 😀
The lighting is very flat, no shadows at all? And the camera should be tilted back a bit, feels way too stiff directly above.

doomtomatoe says:

can you play cities skylines?

HerbInRealLife says:

Looks a lot like a wild west version of Stronghold.

Sl1f3rDrag0n says:

“Two guys went in! This is like Brokeback Mountain” LMAOOO

3DPDK says:

I always view these city builder games with a lot of hope, but I’m nearly always disappointed because once you get through the tech trees and establish a balance, the only goal in these games is to just keep expanding. As long as you maintain the balance, you can expand to the limits of either the game boundaries or your graphics card limits. The old (1990’s) games like this, Civilization, Age of Empires, even Railroad Tycoon, etc, had a reason to expand. Eventually in these earlier games you knew you wold face an opponent and engage either in real war or economic war. Adversity makes life (and games) memorable!

Maciej Rosloniec says:

Beaver Springs …
We dont even have any ladies
Nice one 🙂

HodeliGodeli says:

Youll need to check out more exactly how they build stuff i thought i saw chairs in the church and single horse stables in the stable while they were being build up lots off nice details

Patrick says:

Yes please play this game, but wait a bit until it’s more complete.


this game may have something going for it but it is to early to tell right now. looks very good.

Skaven 9391 says:

Awesome vid man…how do I get this game

Iago says:

The camera angle kinda bothers me, but the game seems fun.

Pitzi says:

please play more depraved. it’s an awesome game! love it!

Mester Walas says:

fishes ..cest pas intelligent

Gabi Koonings says:

A Wild West city builder is a good idea, you can do all kinds of stuff building wise like any other city builder, but also do stuff with train aside of just roads, and do some cool things with the law and criminals, gangs, bankrobbers, and so on.

Lammert Miedema says:

Series plz

Rditabrata Roy says:

How much high were you when you were making this video?

mac maz says:

looking at this game its be cool a western mod for banished or wait for this game full realease

Mr. Spock says:

This looks promising … I agree with others that the graphics look a bit dated but the gameplay looks interesting.

I will keep an eye on this game to see where it goes from here.

Crown & Coke says:

Western Age of Empires

Sal Tricomo says:

You talk way too much.

Organized Confusion says:

It looks really good so far, I would probably end up buying it. I like how you can set the work area for the hunters, lumberjacks etc. Like you said though, we need the lower angle to check out the view from street level.

Rayyan Lampkin says:

This game is awesome

HermannTheGreat says:

We’re finally seeing some creativity come back to Sim games

Bradeen Ryan says:

I like all the “I’ve been watching Keralis since back in the day when he did all the C.S. playthroughs” while those of us who been here since hermitcraft was still relevant to ask for. You peasants stop asking for a broken game.

Aussie Outlaw says:

What a mess, gaming just isn’t for some People

Gina Bonina says:

There are city builder games and there are ant farm games…this one is ANT FARM…LOL…this top down only view is limiting, hopefully a super zoom view will come in the future, because I really like the western theme.

Philipp Ravelo says:

I love your videos, your choice of games and your voice.

Baleur says:

Man the camera really kills the game… What a pity.
Theres something weird about it, like its at 60 fov or something. Most strategy games dont just use a unity-standard fps camera, they do some weird stuff with wide fov and something, but thats what makes a huge difference in feeling “good” when panning around. This game really just feels like a garrys mod first person camera locked in the sky, something is off with it.

Johnny Mailoa says:

I miss the old days, when you do Minecraft builds.

SirWeggington says:

“Beaver Springs. We Don’t have any ladies even.”
My kind of humor. Got a solid laugh out of me


reminds me of a Wild West version of Banished. I likey

John Brintnell says:

I really enjoy all these play throughs. Many of these games I’d never have found without you showing them. I’ve bought 2 games so far simply because I watched Keralis play through it. I found him when looking for info about Surviving Mars. Thanks Keralis

Thorsten Rusch says:

nice game, wana see more pls 🙂

Aaron Misner says:

lol, literally every building looks better than the church. The stable looks more church-like. Why is every other building made out of stone and wood and the church is a patchwork, tattered blue tarp? It looks more like a homeless shelter/soup kitchen. Maybe that’s the look they were going for? Even the first level, starter tent-looking shacks are made of wood…what the hell.

Cool looking game though…has potential.

Ubermeister 1488 says:

I’m experiencing Mandela’s effect right now, and I need your help. I watched this video once – Depraved first look by Keralis. City was almost entirely on the left side of the river, there was more desert and hunter was in the middle of the forest. Now, when I watch it again, everything is different. Can someone help me lol

DawnNuno BettencourtGal says:

Loved it, Shame the view wouldnt tilt more, It would be awesome to see it on the street view!

Bram Van Baarle says:

still going strong i see 🙂 long time ago i watcht some minecraft inspiring videos of you. loved them too. go you!

kiinet says:

Perhaps the planks on the ground is put there when the path is used often..?

Kevin Douglass says:

this looks a lot like a game called clockwork empires. that game had a lot of potential but after a long early access period the developers released a broken game and abandoned it. hope this one fairs better

Doug Simpson says:

The game dose look good for alpha, but not good to buy just yet. Yes the vast amount of diversity of the buildings is amazing and the feel of a live environment is there with out a doubt. Like you said the ability to zoom or move the camera better. I’m not getting on the A.I. or Collision features because it IS an alpha. Thanks for the first look because I was thinking about getting it and if it does have a significant improvement I can’t wait to see it.

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