Depraved Gameplay Impressions – Wild West Strategy City Building Sim!

Depraved Gameplay impressions with Splat! Let’s Play depraved and check out a new colony building game ala rimworld that takes place in the 1800’s in a cowboy town! YEEHAW

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ttarabbia says:


Diler Taher says:


xXxBlackwaterXxX says:

Why is he speaking in Ebonics this whole video? Makes me want to leave.

Ricky Templeton says:

You are hilarious my man!
I got fired from my super chill other job, so I haven’t had the time to watch your videos all day. BUUUUUUT, My girls dad hired me to be an electrical engineer and so I get to watch you all day while I draft on autoCAD!

pickle rick says:

Lol. Every building you destroyed I cringed. Hunter will kill the bears for you, and you can move the work areas around. Also, the church will have an area effect, so it’d be a good idea to leave room to drop a church in a cluster of residential area.

Azimov Valinor says:

You could do with a comma in the title.

TheArsonist says:

Lacoochee seems like a counterfeit brand made from lacoste and gucci

rncp says:

The next episode is going to start with, “OK, so I’m an idiot, I was doing lots wrong, let’s try this again but properly”.

Lance Uppercut says:

A knew an old codger that got chased by a javelina. The javelina had young and he got a little too close for comfort and chased him for a country mile and up a tree where he stayed pinned down for three days til someone came to investigate his disappearance and scared off the javelina with a scatter gun.

Mr. Nova says:

Just take 5 minutes to read the UI. You don’t even have to play the game. Just read a little bit. Killing me here, Smalls.

blinnbh says:

Hmmm Deadwood South Dakota. Anyone know if you can build a house of ill repute? Makes me want to rewatch the Deadwood and Hell on two wheels.

Edit; Man gotta say I love the concept I’m going to buy the game when its available.

Ryan Gallant says:

More of this please.

Brandon says:

Let’s get some more episodes of this, game looks awesome and I don’t have the patience to set down in play it! Plus I’m to into Escape From Tarkov hahaha

Kalan Darkclaw says:

Buffalo everywhere ! Then the white man came …

Alain Mark Guanlao says:

5th comment!

Brandon says:

Would love to see you play this some more!!!

Elizabeth Ball says:

Whoa, this game is totally 3D rimworld. Not that that’s a bad thing.

clovermite says:

16:46 You’re still only a novice baiter splatt. You’ve got to work up to master level 😛

Darth Man says:

more we need more

Wazid Choudhury says:

That should have shotes

iPhone Meme says:

I remember when you used to play slime Rancher

MrRavenXavier says:

Dude everyone wants to live in Lacoochee. That’s the place to be.

Beezy says:

Not a bad idea but could use some ease of life things. Like the radius. Might be worth checking out again after they implement some of that stuff.

L. Shepard says:

There is a harvest zone icon that will let you switch/change their area of operation for different resource buildings. @7:31 you actually hovered over the option that would’ve let you move it. It was the red one on the Workers image. “Change Working Area”.

Sebastian says:

i would pay a lot of money to see splat playing a game of Starcraft 2. Just one single game. 😀

iPhone Meme says:


Brandon says:

I’m mind blown, I’ve been wondering when they would make a management building game in the wildwest!!! Awesome dude, would love to see more of this for sure!!!

Basil says:

Love it, please make it a series!

Kathrin Baka-dono says:

Wouldve loved if it really would be a drug-indicator xD

YourGamer says:

Splat go back to doing lets plays

William Christman says:


jackenape says:

Comment and like for comments’ and likes’ sake.

Nerrock says:

Splat i think you can move the working area of a production building via clicking the middle button on the worker icon (left of the fire button), so you dont have to destroy all those production buildings

dominique cantu says:

Hay, I’m not going to tell you how to play because frankly I’m as clueless as lithe next guy when it comes to this game but there was a bit of a clearing inside the florist that you could’ve put the wood cutters station in to get the most bang for the resources you sunk in to building it

Wells says:

Javelina are definitely _not_ “fluffy”. Their fur is super coarse.

Shadowrpb says:

Please do a series!

reneDERkillah says:

Where is Shopepepepepepepepe Keep 2 ?

Andrew K. says:

very meh compared to other builder games. I like the setting, but the mechanics of the buildings, like how many people can work or use a house dont seem to be thought of well

Marian Bielcik says:


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