Depraved – Ep.01 : The Western Town! (WILD WEST CITY BUILDER)

Depraved – Ep.01 : The Western Town! (WILD WEST CITY BUILDER)
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Depraved is a city builder game with survival aspects, settled in the Wild West. Build towns and establish important outposts to supply your residents with food and other raw materials. Resist the seasons, dangerous animals, and bandits and conquer the Wild West.

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Linda Dixson says:

i like shame on u now i am gonna get it lmao keep up the good work

ND Bass says:

So have you just stopped making Minecraft videos?

TheFluffySeal says:

Don’t do a mini series! Try to to actually take up the whole map! Keralis this is a challenge for you!

Tchavo Pan says:

Keralis never never build a toilet next to a water resource … it’s bad

Amberlewis Gaming says:

Keralis please play Fishing Strike! its a mobile game but it is great fun!

Afzal Aiman says:

Revive Banish Series~,,, D:

Evan Freudig says:

Thanks for doing this!! Watch your back with the Wolves, Bears, and Bandits.

Roadmaster '93 says:

Wasn’t he talking about realistic western layouts?

Daily Dose of Internet says:

Hello King Keralis

Tony lesmond says:

Keep it coming Keralis!!!!

Vishich says:

Foundation Closed Alpha is out! Can’t wait a new video on Foundation.

stephanie medina says:

I like your voice and sense of humour and the game is fun I have watched three of your games Anno Venice this one and the one in all the snow keep up the good work thank you keralis

Bus Driver says:

Cities Skylines?

Teebo DK says:

Thanks for making a mini-series of this, it’s amaze-balls 🙂 A few observations, though:

Pay close attention to the messages on the left. Unlike some other games, they seem to be very important here and can really make or break your city – especially when it comes to supplies running out in the designated work areas. Don’t run out of wood and water, please.

If I were you, I’d prioritize my construction a little more. First step is to make sure you have a good flow of stone and wood, so you don’t have to spend all your money on stuff you can easily get yourself. Only then, would I start doing other stuff… and just because a new building unlocks, doesn’t mean you have to build it instantly 🙂

I really think you’re trying to get your people killed by the train, not only in this episode, but also the first look. You make them cross the tracks constantly!

PS: Love the “village idiot” turning in circles, now with a log on his shoulder!

Bill Kerman says:

take me back to the days when games were not unfinished upon release, early access/alphas are killing my joy for the industry :/

Bowlin01 says:

EXCELLENT! Sooooo glad you are doing a mini-series on this.

Musthavemoose !!!!!!!!! says:


Evan Freudig says:

Planting trees, suggest it to the developers Keralis!!

Roadmaster '93 says:

Beautiful game

Don Norel says:

Ok can see you need a toilet and a well but why so close to each other. For in real life what goes in the toilet will go in to the well for being so close so soon the water will taste like it came out of the toilet 🙁

Sam' U says:

definitely enjoying this, keep it up! looking forward to tomorrow.

Thorsten Rusch says:

pure fun 😀

jaquestrap says:

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the notifications that drop down on the left! Your well ran out of water and your hunter ran out of animals to hunt and you forgot to check those!

Iwan DerRusse says:

yay! City build

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