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Sargeant Slowmo says:

How do they not know the slide goes red and makes a sound when the traitor goes down

Primeous Scarlet says:

wade the slide is the tester

Scotson Campbell says:

sneaky sneaky lmao but helped jp

Alender says:

jp really looks like he could be your son. not in a lookalike way but in a age way.

Z_ fighter2020 says:

wade if you ever play troble in terrist town always ask how do you spell inocent backwards

Sushi mojo says:

5000 view much better then first

Z_ fighter2020 says:

i meqn innocent

Sam Hard says:

3:43 Pat admitted to being the traitor in “the round with no traitor”?

The Berns says:

JP as a traitor is quite a scene XD

FireFoxxNT says:

The slippery super slide games! …still not as catchy as the hunger games. XD BUT EQUALLY AS FATAL. 8D

Henry Cobb says:

It can tell who is the traitor because the incant have innacant

James Kay says:

I love how much fun you have when playing with people you like. 🙂

Shera Dragon says:

If you think someone’s the murderer, have them spell innocent backwards.

Sam Hard says:

11:50-12:12 I have no words for this because I can’t stop laughing. xD Wade’s face at the very end though!

Dextrementor says:

This is probably s given but the slide is the traitor tester the buzzer sound plays if your a T and the a ding plays if your Innocent…

Jennifer Sonjack says:

An unskipable  Trump ad, really?!

Madisonicyeyes 0 says:


LeafyIsNotHere says:

It says press “c” to receive special equipment when you are terrorist. Y u no take it. D:

Garytt Tostenson says:

Wade is JP’s dad??? Maybe that’s why he always makes bad jokes…

Brendan Roman says:

They don’t understand that the slide is a traitor tester

you don't know me says:

8:01 That scream tho!

Henry Cobb says:

OH yay shut up mother fucking niga

Hannah Hall says:

Love the gmod

NintendoSegaandHasbro Fan says:

Can you play TTT with Mark, Bob, and Yami again please

Emmalee Machowski says:

Wade is a good lair when it comes to TTT, if I hadn’t seen the red thing then I would’ve thought him innocent! But alas, he has turned traitorous to his good friends Jpar, Patty-Mc.pat pat, and Gar-juicy fruit! btw I love the videos and sooo close to 1 million, I’ll be with you even when you reach 5 million and beyond!

Cheyenne Orvis says:

The slide tells you if there is a traitor on it. It beeps and shows a red light if a traitor goes down.

the Golden Spider-Duck says:

So that’s why JP called Wade dad that one time XD
Death slide is best slide.

Novuscourvous says:

You should use minx’s tragedy

cake956 says:

wade!!! play with ohm again:(

GassyBean says:


PandaBrady says:

Anyone notice Wade’s voice always cracks when he’s the traitor?

Frost Raizor says:

All this time and they still havn’t realized that the slide is a traitor tester… I play TTT alot lmao

Brandon Kilgore says:

Who and Where is the one named zombie?

Henry Cobb says:

Ask them to spell innocent backwards

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